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Name the war

Mr flubb

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[quote name='Kzoppistan' timestamp='1317935173' post='2818871']
When it was just us, Tetris, NSO, and NsO, I wanted to call it [i]"Purples Eagles Fly To The Dark Side Of The Block" War: An Anime[/i].

Now I'm not sure.
if its going to be that long, it should either be a proper sentence, or make a memorable acronym, you know?

[quote name='TRON IX' timestamp='1317935620' post='2818879']
The Glacier War.

It's very slow moving and all involved will be extinct soon anyway.
I dunno. NSsO are still going pretty strong as it is. I doubt this war will break us.

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[quote name='Beau Vine' timestamp='1317936157' post='2818892']
I like the "The Legion got ballz war", at least people will know which war it's about.
Thats not true, either. They waited until VE dropped Tetris' treaty to an ODP before making a move.

Standing up for themselves isnt quite ballsy. Its just competent. A large step forward for them, to be sure, but nothing really noteworthy.

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