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Veritas Aequitas Announcement


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[b]TL;DR:[/b] We are under the protection of VNV and NEW, so don't get any funny ideas.


There's no easy way to say this, so I'll make it short. Veritas Aequitas has unfortunately seen a decline in member activity to the point where we believe we can no longer keep going on our own. Therefore, as of this announcement, VA merges into Death Before Dishonor. Our long history and strong ties with DB4D makes them the obvious choice for us, and we have no doubt that we can accomplish great things being one with them.

To help ease the process of relocating our members, the Veritas Aequitas alliance affiliation will continue to be considered a part of the Victory Not Vengeance bloc until all VA members have moved on. Likewise, our good friends in NEW have agreed to help with protection as well.

[i]Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria.[/i]

Signing off for the last time,

o/ VA
o/ DB4D
o/ VNV
o/ NEW
o/ Good friends

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[center][b][size="5"]Nusantara Protectorate Pact[/size][/b][/center]

[center][img]http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/cybernations/images/thumb/3/39/Newflagcc3.png/250px-Newflagcc3.png[/img] [img]http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/3249/va1.png[/img][/center]

In the interest of friendship and protection with Nusantara Elite Warriors (NEW), Veritas Aequitas (VA) - Death Before Dishonor (DB4D) agreed to the following Protectorate agreement. May our friendship continue to flourish, and our growth be mutual. We hope that the relationship between protector-protectorate continue to flourish as well as achieving goals of both alliances.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]
NEW will respect the sovereignty and the independence of VA-DB4D and this pact shall serve only to embody the friendship and trust amongst the signatory alliances.

[b]Article II: Peace, Respect, and Friendship[/b]
NEW and VA-DB4D agree to coexist in a state of peace. Both of them will not engage in military action against each other. If it does happen, both the alliances will discuss it in civil way and with respect towards each other.
It is important if both alliances can maintain a respectful and civil action towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled privately.
We are friends. That’s all.

[b]Article III: Protection, Defense, Aggression, and War[/b]
NEW is responsible to protect VA-DB4D militarily and financially. In case of an attack against VA-DB4D by foreign nations, NEW will provide assistance within 24 hours of the event and will also step into the discussion on reparations with the attacker. NEW will attempt to resolve such issue on behalf of VA-DB4D through diplomatic means before force is being used.
All signatories will have the option to assist any other signatory with an offensive military action in any manner they see fit. No signatory will be required to assist any other signatory with an offensive military action, though it is encouraged to help in any way possible.
VA-DB4D agree to alert NEW if they have decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance within 72 hours of doing so. VA-DB4D will never declare war on another alliance without discussing it first with NEW’s government.

[b]Article IV: Merging and Disbandment[/b]
NEW will be sad if her protectorate decides that they can no longer function as an alliance, if it does happen VA-DB4D will contact NEW’s Government within 24 hours of the problem. If disbandment can be avoided, NEW will do everything she can to help VA-DB4D avoid such fate.
If VA-DB4D would like to merge with other alliance, VA-DB4D will give a 72 hours of prior notice. And any problem should be discuss within these 72-hour.

[b]Article V: Termination of the NPP[/b]
VA-DB4D may cancel the agreement if they think it is unnecessary to have NEW as their protector and it will be understood by the Government of NEW as it will also void all terms and obligations of this pact.
VA-DB4D agree to notify NEW’s Government within 72 hours before this protector-protectorate relationship ends.
NEW can cancel this pact if VA-DB4D violate the agreement above or NEW feel it is necessary to let VA-DB4D growth independently without NEW’s assistance.


[u]Maha Prabu:[/u]

[u]Maha Patih:[/u]

[u]Sang Panca Ring Nusantara: [/u]
EquatorWolf - Mahamentri Hino(MoIA)
D Vibianto - Mahamentri Halu(MoF)
Wayoik - Mahamentri Sirikan(MoE)
Schatten - Patih Amancanegara(MoFA)
Sigelopisan - Tumenggung(MoD)

[i]-Lord Protector[/i]

[i]-Lord of Internal Affairs[/i]

[i]-Supreme Commander[/i]

[i]-Minister of War and Defense[/i]

[i]-Minister of Internal Affairs[/i]

TL;DR: The AA’s of “Veritas Aequitas” and “Death Before Dishonor” are under the protection of Nusantara Elite Warriors.

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Yeah, honestly was never a big fan either. It always seemed like you were a TPF minion, so I don't really understand why you didn't merge in with them. Good luck in your new homes, I think I have a friend who is cool with your alliance or something.

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I'm truly sad to see this. VA was the last part of Threesome along with SSSW18 and Defcon to remain standing. You were great allies and were always steadfast and loyal in all dealings I had with you. Unfortunately everyone is facing decline to one extent or another and the summer can be tough in particular. Good luck to all your members as you find homes. And thank you to all the leadership and members past and present of VA for being great folks.

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