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Ladies and gentlemen of Cybernations, I come before you today with a number of announcements

1) We have a new MoFA myself and new MoD Amossio

2) We’ve also been Senate election crazy recently, so could you welcome Dictator General, P8ntballerdude and Spock.

Making the LoSS current gov:

Phoebus, Desert Ratz, Ddolla

Foreign Affairs - Andyt2k
Internal Affairs - Irule777
Education - Junior
Economics - Mad Mike
Military - Amossio

Dictator General, P8ntballerdude, Cobalt, Spock, Legion-X[/center]

3) We now have an interview with the MoFA

[center]Lossy “So there’s been a lot going on recently, what about the Ministry of Internal Affairs”

Andy “Nope they haven’t done anything, Irule is too lazy and he hasn’t done anything of note”

Lossy “Ok…. Well I did want to ask about BoR”

Andy “Oh yeah he does head the bureau of recruitment, but nothing else”

Lossy “What about the new games and activities section”

Andy “There may be that as well”

Lossy “And the new series of LoSS Survivor”

Andy “Oh yeah I was actually part of the final tribe of that”

Lossy “Hasn’t he also created some new medals to reward people and promote activity”

Andy “Maybe”

Lossy “Didn’t he write an alliance guide for SUN”

Andy “Nope”

Lossy “I have it here, “Attacking aligned nations = bad”

Andy “He couldn’t write anything that long and detailed.”

Lossy “Doesn’t he also handle most of the alliance applications as well”

Andy “I haven’t heard anything about that”

Lossy “I also hear he’s overseen all of the recent senate elections”

Andy “Ok, well apart from the BoR, new activities, survivor, medals, applications the senate elections, his alliance guide and his other day to day activities and being one of the most active IRC users in gov, he hasn’t done a thing and this interview is over”

Lossy “What about the reports he’s working on a renewable energy resource to replace fossil fuels….. Andy….Andy?”[/center]

4) We’d like to congratulate Destroyer on winning LoSS Survivor

5) LoSS has passed 4,000,000 Strength

6) LoSS officially recognises the alliance of Grumlons

7) We’d like to congratulate RnR as our “Visitor Alliance of the Month” we’d like to use this as an invitation to the alliances of Bob to come and visit, eat, drink and be merry

8) Lastly and most importantly, the LoSS Snack of the Month for June shall be “Fully Loaded Nachos”


Andyt2k of Veritas Minister of Foreign Affairs

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o/ LoSS!

Awesome Announcement is awesome,
Looking forward to working with all you guys and to your 5 min announcement

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You know, micros can learn something from LoSS here, they've actually managed to put about ten announcements in one thread AND even used the KISS method of announcing it! No wonders I love LoSS!! :wub:

Congratulations to your new government guys!

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[quote name='Amossio' timestamp='1306861209' post='2721417']
I asked myself the same question, yet to receive an answer!!! :awesome:

hehehehehe. well so long as CGB vouched for ya, nothing could go wrong... Did CGB vouch for ya????? :P

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[quote name='AlmightySquare' timestamp='1306928370' post='2721954']
Wait, you put Amossio in charge of the military? Who's daft idea was that?!

Much :wub: as always LOSS.

*touches nose* NOSE GOES. NOT ME!

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