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TSA/OBR LoA and Covenant Signing

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Gentle Persons

The Shadow Accord is an alliance that is growing at a remarkable rate. Despite its short history we have come to know them as honorable, decent, hard working and friendly people.

We had prepared ourselves to offer them a LoA when they came to us having read The Covenant and said they felt the values portrayed were ones they wished to publicly proclaim.

To that end then we are doubly proud to affirm the signing of the LoA with The Shadow Accord and to welcome them as the newest signatory to The Covenant.

It is a great pleasure to announce this on behalf of The Rosular Kingdom and the Order of the Black Rose.

For The Order of the Black Rose

Queen AterAtra
Sir Winslow, Knight Protector
The Knights Council

Dame Hime Themis


For The Shadow Accord

The Emperor - E.Grievous
The Consul Vizier - Outsiders
The Consul Commander - General Milienius
Aide de Campe - Lord Garka
The Senator of Foreign Affairs - Gamefreak666
The Senator of Internal Affairs - ConRed
The Senator of Finance - Roughrider
Aide for Finance - Thomasf2k8
Aide for Internal Affairs - Thomasf2k8, Wilfried
Aide for Fiance - Position Available
Aide for Foreign Affairs - WorldPeace
Judge Magister - Shadow Lurker

Letter of Amity


1. Acknowledge a desire to further relations in a formal fashion.
2. Pledge special care in the positive discourse between members in all public venues.
3. Refrain from negative commentary or complaint in all public venues.
4. Agree to resolve all reasonable grievances in a private and cordial manner.
5. Will pursue broader social contact between members.
6. Open economic interests with each other
7. Share information or intelligence that is received that impacts the other.
8. Be open to enhancing the level of formal diplomatic relations where reasonable.
9. Refrain from any aggressive military action or spying efforts against the other.
10. Refrain from providing succour to an enemy of the other during war.
11. Will provide knowledge, advice and aid in reasonable measure as requested.
12. Maintain a formal active diplomatic post in the Alliance Forum of each other.

Cancellation may be sadly accepted with 48 hours notice and a further 72 hours of NAP.<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">

The Covenant

The signatories of this Covenant come together to share a style of values in the way they wish to conduct the business of interalliance affairs. This covenant is the easiest to join and the easiest to leave. We welcome all those alliances who share this set of principles to affix their signatures, to show how they wish to be judged on Digiterra. Failure to abide by them means that the alliance forfeits the benefit of this accord with like minded alliances. The Covenant is not meant as a judgment for those who choose a different path. It is meant to clearly outline the means to measure the signatories' future actions. Is our way the best way? Is our way the right way? Is our way the moral way? To all these, we answer: We do not know, but it is our way.

We believe:

1. War is always an option, but it is the last option, not the first.
2. Diplomacy is more than threats or insults.
3. Neutrality in a conflict does not mean indifference.
4. Alliances do not need to be best buddies to respect each other.
5. Friends tell friends when they are acting badly.
6. Most actions are not a casus belli.
7. Civility is not common, but should be.
8. Civility does not suspend itself in times of war or peace.
9. Mistakes happen, and if respect is shared, resolution can be swift and fair.
10. Those who confirm these values by signing may always request, but not command, defensive help unless prohibited by official neutrality.
11. That financial support is what partners do when another is in need, including economic cooperation where desired.
12. Wars are fought to defend a principal or friend, not to acquire assets.
13. In the rare case where punishment is required for egregious actions, the penalty shall be distributed to unrelated small parties, to help build Digiterra.
14. Fighting a friend or foe can be done with dignity and honor, regardless of the eventual victor.
15. The niceties of formal written treaties is not required but desired.
16. Aggressive wars are not in our repertoire of actions.

We do not believe:

1. That we dictate who the friends of our friends should be.
2. That we need to always agree on a course of action.
3. That a request to help is automatic and without due thought to the cause of the request.
4. That politics should determine if a request for help should be approved.
5. That the friends of friend's actions are legitimate reason to approve military support.
6. That the cancellation of a friendship or treaty is required or desired just because we find ourselves on opposite sides of a particular conflict.
7. That information that pertains to another alliance should be withheld or used to advantage.
8. That spying is justified other than in its simple war mode in game mechanics.
9. That a group of 5 or more people with the same Alliance Affiliation and true desire to be seen as an alliance are any less an alliance than any other alliance. When in doubt ask.
10. That PZI or EZI is justified.
11. That rogue attacks are anything more than the act of the uncreative and cowardly.
12. That OOC attacks or spread of OOC information can ever be justified or acceptable.
13. That racist, sexist, rude, salacious or personal attacks are ever justifiable.
14. That any comment or conversation not in a private area should be offered without being tempered with respect for the potential feelings of those who may not be as tough skinned as we are.
15. That something should be done because it can be done.
16. That we have the only way to do things right.

This Covenant provides for a new form of agreement. It is a statement of principle.
It is not a bloc. It has no cancellation notice. Violation of the terms removes a signatory. Voluntary withdrawal removes a signatory.
Since the Order of the Black Rose and the Rosular Kingdom is the author there is no way for us to defer from the terms of the Covenant. There is for us no wiggle room.

What is a defensive war?

1. An attack (spying or military) on a signatory alliance that has not declared an attack (war) that requests defensive assistance.

What is an aggressive war?

1. Everything else.

[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][/size][/font]

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It brings TSA great pleasure to join this union with OBR. We've been in contact for some time now and love everything about them. With the hopes of good relations, I humbly welcome OBR to TSA's family of allies and appreciate their continued kindness. :wub:

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Congrats to both alliances on the treaty. I don't know much about TSA, but OBR I have much respect for and seeing them sign a treaty with OBR makes me think TSA are one of the better alliances out there. You can often judge an alliance by the company they like to keep around and OBR is very selective with who they sign with and value honor greatly, which are good attributes to have.

o/ The Covenant

Good luck to all involved in upholding your principles, even when you're in a world where most alliances would rather be dishonorable to ensure they are always on the winning side when the next big wars comes, rather than stand for something they believe to be good and just.

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TSA is very proud and humbled to find such good friends in OBR, and takes great pleasure in the signing of the LoA and The Covenant. This echoes the great strides our friendship has taken, and I hope that we can continue to have a blossoming friendship here in Planet Bob :)

O/ Lady Kirke
o/ TSA

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