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  1. It has been a long 157 days...especially for HT. I would especially like to thank Clash of Discord for not only fighting with honor, but making the decimation of my own pixels somewhat fun. Also, it is MUCH appreciated that when I had to deal with a health crisis of one of my kids, that all attacks ceased. Thank you.
  2. Order of the Black Rose https://discord.gg/uWDMxRq Thanks!
  3. king issac added....messages sent to team. Waiting on all to change resources & send/accept trades
  4. YAY - 1 more to go!!
  5. Raistlin....How about this: 3 BR + U: Marble Iron Lumber Aluminum Cattle Pigs Sugar Spices Wheat Water Fish Uranium Bonus Resources: Construction, Fast Food, Beer Set Effects: Income: --- Citizens: +20.9% Happiness: +9.5 Infra Cost: -29% Tech Cost: --- Land Cost: -10% Land Bonus: +8% Environment: +1 Env. Penalty:
  6. Franklyn & LDD do not CARE what the circle is composed of....as long as it is STABLE
  7. Bump - KalAshrak and friends bailed out without notice
  8. oppenheimer in for the last slot THANKS!!!
  9. Adding DBLVZX & Kal Asharak
  10. 5/23 - Tenative complete - waiting on trades/switches 5/20 Switched from 8BR to 3BR+U Helping some friends get their circle back together. Looking for LONG TERM TRADES 3 BR + U: Marble - king issac Iron - king issac Lumber - Fourmarch Aluminum - Fourmarch Cattle - gumball Pigs - gumball Sugar - Raistlin Majere Spices - Raistlin Majere Water - LongDuckDong Wheat - LongDuckDong Fish - Franklyn Uranium - Franklyn Franklyn, LongDuckDong, Raistlin Majere, Gumball, Fourmarch, king issac Bonus Resources: Construction, Fast Food, Beer Set Effects: Income: --- Ci
  11. I am glad to finally see formalization of our long standing friendship and mutual respect.
  12. It is always a pleasure to make new friends.
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