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There comes a time in every alliance that friends come to you and ask for help. Today is one of those days. We've put our name to treaties and honor them the best we can for the situation we're dealt. Today we're dealing and our friends are getting help. We don't care about what started this war to begin with as it's not our situation to deal with. For all we care about is helping out our friends.

We've locked and loaded to help our friends out in LoSS. They have come to us for assistance and we give that assistance tonight against some of our very old friends in Legacy. No hard feelings Legacy :wub: but LoSS needed some help and DT drew your name from the deck.

Sarmatian Empire we :wub: you ;)

May we all fight well against each other in the name of friends and fun.


The Dark Templar declares on Legacy in support of our friends LoSS via our ODP in NOIR.

The Dark Templar
Myworld - Dark Archon
Supa_Troop3r - Twilight Archon
Titan - Steward

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[quote name='Supa_Troop3r' timestamp='1296279016' post='2608759']
ah yeah. Templar Gang or #$%#^%$$ kill your self!

What you did there, I see it, and it is glo-ri-ous. :ehm:

Everything y'all do, y'all do it big.

Good luck guys.

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