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  1. [quote name='Sam Winters' timestamp='1300846606' post='2673493'] We'll be seeing a big jump from the Commonwealth. 22 days post war. Can't wait to see their epic back-collects! [/quote] Well our growth did pick up substantially in the past few days. I jumped 23k strength on the 14th myself. Alliance-wide it's not what I was hoping for, but we've had a lot of members going off to new places or deleting (one 1400 day old member who always takes the side opposite me in debates is leaving ).
  2. [quote name='Letum' timestamp='1300856212' post='2673606'] The problem with trying to translate the "real world" into CN is that you have to make such sweeping generalizations that everything involved loses its meaning. The point of the propaganda is that Pearl Harbour gives the image of an unprovoked attack, and he is using that same image here. [/quote] That's what I'm saying, it wasn't a good choice because that isn't the image I got. I guess it isn't the worst of HHAYD's propaganda. A Poland analogy would be better (ironically, I think Doomhouse themselves have already made it! ).
  3. [quote name='HHAYD' timestamp='1300854867' post='2673595'] During WWII, US sold quite a bit of iron, steel and oil to Japan before enforcing an embargo. Embargoes are usually not an act of war, but Japan didn't see it that way. Then there's something else that Japan and Doomhouse expected with their attack but didn't get. I don't think you got it either. [/quote] Look at things from a CN perspective: Japan has a MDP with Germany America is providing massive amounts of aid to countries at war with Germany Japan declares war on America Whether Lend Lease etc. is justification for war
  4. [quote name='HHAYD' timestamp='1300852248' post='2673563'] [img]http://img859.imageshack.us/img859/3763/prop28.png[/img] (If you don't know WWII history, shame on you.) [/quote] Maybe if I were an American I'd interpret this piece differently, but you seem to be implying that NPO was already providing NpO & co with massive amounts of aid and that attacking them was legitimate.
  5. Lord Brendan


    I get what you're saying but I think it's somewhat justified: NPO and Valhalla were the driving forces behind the war, the rest were not quite as complicit. I mean, you yourself signed a declaration of support for the war. Would you think it legitimate if that were used against you?
  6. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1300153563' post='2665121'] [color=white]•[/color] 34 {114} [color=black](+0)[/color] [color=maroon][i]Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations[/i][/color] : 12.15 --> 12.24 [color=green](+0.09)[/color] [/quote] All me baby.
  7. Who is the mystery alliance between NSO and 64Digits?
  8. Excellent updates, Gopher. Nothing to see here.
  9. If the 29th ranked alliance ends up sanctioned, perhaps the system for determining sanction should be re-worked...
  10. [quote name='Skap Q' timestamp='1299089204' post='2649737'] Lets start that semi final! [/quote] Indeed, when are we going to proceed?
  11. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1299269822' post='2652657'] Though it's pretty much been summed up by everyone else, there was never a formal peace agreement between NV and WF, so the two technically remain at war. Kind of like North and South Korea. And yes, reserves are alliances with <1% warslot utilization. [/quote] Even the Koreas shoot missiles at each other every so often.
  12. Of course I don't think Penkala influenced your decision, but I don't see how you think you've somehow fooled him.
  13. Who are you talking about, GOD? They don't like anybody. Umm, what? You sure showed him by doing what he was calling you out for not doing! Penkala: NoR, when will you attack NPO like you promised? Ashoka: Never, we hate you! Penkala: So you're liars? Ashoka: Haha we fooled you we attacked NPO!
  14. Shouldn't you take NV off the war stats? They surrendered almost a month ago.
  15. I just skimmed your entire blog post on the matter and can't see any reference as to why CSN would care at all if you decided to help FAN or not. Seriously, I don't get it. We have no strategic interest in the defeat of Pacifica, except for the distant side-effect of Athens fighting Legion. They appear to be doing quite alright though, so it's hardly a concern.
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