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  1. Lord Brendan


    I get what you're saying but I think it's somewhat justified: NPO and Valhalla were the driving forces behind the war, the rest were not quite as complicit. I mean, you yourself signed a declaration of support for the war. Would you think it legitimate if that were used against you?
  2. Of course I don't think Penkala influenced your decision, but I don't see how you think you've somehow fooled him.
  3. Who are you talking about, GOD? They don't like anybody. Umm, what? You sure showed him by doing what he was calling you out for not doing! Penkala: NoR, when will you attack NPO like you promised? Ashoka: Never, we hate you! Penkala: So you're liars? Ashoka: Haha we fooled you we attacked NPO!
  4. I just skimmed your entire blog post on the matter and can't see any reference as to why CSN would care at all if you decided to help FAN or not. Seriously, I don't get it. We have no strategic interest in the defeat of Pacifica, except for the distant side-effect of Athens fighting Legion. They appear to be doing quite alright though, so it's hardly a concern.
  5. Cesspool? Fetid? My home this is! You still haven't explained why we would care if you attacked NPO or not.
  6. FAN only has secret treaties, no?
  7. Unless I am very much mistaken, the Commonwealth has no beef with Pacifica. I'm not sure why Nordreich thought we cared if they attacked them or not. Likewise we have no beef with Doomhouse, but I don't see how they're on our "side". oA with FAN, I believe.
  8. Lord Brendan

    How Pathetic

    Joining an alliance under false pretenses (as a spy) to leak screenshots is a perfectly legitimate IC action. "Hacking" a moderator's account and using it to take screenshots is not. Mostly I'm annoyed that of like a dozen posts leaked, none were mine! What the hell, I'm worth spying on too.
  9. Lord Brendan

    Dear CN

    Amazingly, your departure has caused a bigger huff than pretty much anything you did while in the alliance.
  10. You weren't around yet, Farker. And Xiph, are you sure you don't remember? Going back and checking the thread, it says "I think Xiph is going around the block one at a time" (inviting people).
  11. I'm not sure how far this ever really got, we were never super into it. I don't know who's idea it was originally. But the suggested lineup was STA, CSN, VE, FOK, Sparta, GOD, RoK, RnR and RIA.
  12. Oh, I don't know. The signatories of the treaty were morons with no foresight, but I can sympathize with an alliance that doesn't want to be shackled to a Gremlins completely different from the one they originally signed with.
  13. Where does CentCom factor into this? That's the only one I ever heard of, with a similar lineup. Was that just an earlier/later name?
  14. Joined just before the Unjust War, I guess that makes me part of the Pacifican generation.
  15. You think GOONS would raid a protectorate AA of a SuperFriend? Anyways, Red Dawn might be reasonably close in nation strength to Chestnut (a little over half), but they are nowhere near as powerful. NPO cannot project power without extreme danger to itself (or at least that's what they believe), we on the other hand could probably go pretty far before anyone could stop us.
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