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North American Confederacy's One Year Anniversary

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On June 1st, 2009 an alliance of like-minded nations formed The North American Confederacy (NAC) 2.0 based on simple diplomatic and moral values. Now one year later, The NAC has maintained its honor and integrity and continues to grow. The alliance, which consisted of 10 member nations at its launch, now includes more than 50 members with over 500,000 combined NS.

The founding members of the NAC 2.0:
Shavar of Shavar
Hellbilly of Hades
Rooivaulk of South African Union
Edmond Dantes of Resort Monte Cristo
DoiNgy of Advena
Lawrence Nelson of Albetonia
Darth Moses of Konvictland
Diablo626 of Al Terra
FoXXroam of Blaylock Republic
Solidus Snake of Neo Outer Heaven

We started our journey on the purple sphere under the wing of our great freinds and mentors, Regnum Invictorum. (we still wub us some Invicta !! ) The NAC will always be proud to be purple. From day one our Purple Unity brethren have supported us and I hail each and every one of my purple friends.
We would also like to recognize our friends at Asgaard. They have been true friends and allies from the start. Regardless of treaty webs and CN politics, Asgaard has stood by the NAC. That will never be forgotten.

Through times of peace, our nations have always stood together, sharing the prosperity and growth. Through the hard times we have stood firm and supported each other, no matter the cost.

We were told in the beginning by some that we wouldn't last a month. We were often overlooked and under appreciated. And I am sure that trend will continue, but each of us know we have something special. A bond that transcends the pixels of the game. A bond of kinship that has withstood the tests of time and will endure anything the future may bring us.

I hail my brothers in the NAC for their loyalty, preserverance and dedication.

It is an honor to be your ally.

It is a pleasure to be your friend.

Hellbilly of Hades. Proud Trium of the North American Confederacy (NAC)


Come join us at #nac on coldfront. :)

I commemorate this anniversary with the signing of a this treaty with our awesome friends in Hydra.
[center] [img]http://i456.photobucket.com/albums/qq282/s_cornett72/nacflag-1.png[/img][/center]

[b]Hydrating the Confederates since June 2010.[/b]

I. Preamble

On this day, the 1st of June 2010, the independent, sovereign, and glorious entities of the North American Confederacy (NAC/NAC 2.0) and Hydra, two purple alliance with a shared heritage in the respective halls of PEGASUS and PEACE, do with the most eminent of goodwill and legitimate confirmation of established friendship, establish this Optional Defense Pact (ODP) to ensure the growth of our diplomatic relations and to further the exchange of camaraderie between our great alliances as they grow closer together in the shade of mutual trust and goodwill.

II. Intelligence:

Should either signatory receive word of information that would be potentially damaging to the other signatory, either in meaning or in implication, they are bound to inform the other as soon as physically possible with due responsibility and skill so as to ensure the best possible outcome for their ally, and indeed, by association, themselves. All such strategic information should be dutifully exchanged. Additionally, both signatories agree to keep the other updated, aware, and informed of the on-goings, plans, and situation of their respective alliances when it is prudent to so as to allow for the maximum cooperation, awareness, and understanding between the NAC and Hydra.

III. Aid and Cooperation

Both signatories reserve the right (but not obligation) to provide assistance to the other in times of need or whenever else their leadership chooses to in the form of financial, technological, or military contributions. Additionally, should either signatory wish to enlist the advice, skills, tech deals, or trade rings of the other, they are encouraged to communicate this desire to the leadership of the other signatory for approval before taking appropriate action if their request is granted.

IV. Defense:

Though they are under no obligation to do so, Hydrans and Confederates alike are encouraged to provide timely military assistance to the other should they come under attack by a 3rd party aggressor or whenever else it is deemed appropriate by the ruling body of whichever signatory, be it the NAC or Hydra, that intends to intervene.

V. Termination:

Either signatory may request the termination of this pact for reasons unforeseen at the time of signing granted they confidentially express their grievances or reason they are seeking to end this agreement to the other signatory along with a notification of termination that will go into affect no sooner than 48 hours after it is handed over to the opposite signatory.

Signed for the NAC:
Hellbilly, Trium of Foreign Affairs
Shavar, Trium of Internal Affairs
Rooivaulk, Trium of War/Defense

Signed for Hydra:
Jacapo Saladin, Imperator
Joshsname, Minister of Defense
Projek, Minister of Internal Affairs
Sniper620, Minister of Finance
Lord Bludd, Minister of Recruitment
Mr. Teets, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Appoliqize, Senator
TCTriangle, Senator
Sexysauce, Senator[/quote]

TL;DR. NAC is one year old and Hydra is our new playmate. ;)

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A wonderful birthday present for our great friends the NAC.

Here's to many more. :)

*[b][color="#510aa1"]Atlashill[/color][/b] sends a 12-pack of Boulevard to everyone of legal drinking age in the NAC.

(edit: /me phail)

Edited by Atlashill
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Looking good NAC, you need to get rid of Rattle if you ever seek to go far though. That guy... I hear he puts away so many beers in one night that you'll send the entire alliance into a depression.

Keep up the solid effort guys, you're doing very well. We'll always be there if ya need us.

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Thanks for the well wishes and all.. We started to do a really big 3 part announcement with treaty upgrades and B-Day stuff ECT.. but in the end we figured whats the point .. We are 1 ,we have some great new friends ..and to be honost some pretty solid old friends on top of that. I cant wait to see what the next year brings us. I welcome everyone to swing by our humble home and get to know us Here is the link


Now lets get back to the party stuff .... :gag:

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