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  1. ooh yeah, I almost forgot that we're the best and you dont know that yet
  2. Good people, good times. Rock N Roll!
  3. also, this entire thread has generally kept on the first page while being under two pages. I was browsing my old posts, and this thread hit 18 pages within 2009, with multiple posts saying "I found this on page 2" or "page 3" - WOwza
  4. Moose - multiple moose of the same species Mooses - moose of different species >_>
  5. Currently I am specifically looking to complete black sphere circles.
  6. Dont listen to defiled, he's in Kashmir. You can't trust them
  7. lol no problem. and thanks for making me feel old (had to look up the word "poggers")
  8. Sorry if I'm late to the party. Lots of good advice here, but I noticed that no one posted the link to the unofficial CN-wide discord page: https://discord.gg/TTkxCJQNsb
  9. CLAWS is the best. Well chosen
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