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  1. Yes, this is something we dont really know how to do, hahah
  2. Hi admin, This less a bug and more obsolescence... I can't get the resource calculator tool to work anymore because Flash is broken (for everyone, I believe). When I try and use the tool, it doesn't work even when I try to "run this time" or right-click and hit "run this plugin" (this was the solution that I used to make the tool work for the past 12 months or so). Now when I do that, I am taken to a website that says Adobe has started blocking its flash player. Will this be solved? Although I mostly have the important resources and their combine
  3. yaas answering to get notification when pip is uploaded so I can figure out how to get it
  4. Your response to me is fair and correct in all respects. The situation was similar in some ways but different in more important ways, namely: (1) NLON had also pulled out of truce early, which D1 has not done here (2) NLON's war was a down declare. I'm referring to this thread:
  5. Lol, didnt literally this exact same thing happen last year in reverse? NLON declared on another aa, D1 accused them of trying to avoid a war?
  6. Our CLAWS are better but these are neat
  7. It's possible I'm mistaken on the "2 days" item. But I seem to recall it being an issue between NLON and D1, I thought. D1 won round 50. Look at the prizes: Peak Nation Strength - 51481.07 - Scotlando ruled by JirosMost Government Bills - 173,783,283.91 - Jack and Bean ruled by JimBundyMost Popular - 56 Senate Votes - Ithaca ruled by UlyssesMost Land - 4,359.16 - Killie ruled by bunnetMost Nuclear Launches - 102 - Gilas ruled by hagdang batoMost Destructive War - 49,974.70 - The Cell Games Arena vs AngmarAlliance With Most Soldiers Killed - DEFCON 1 - 10,718,721 KillsMo
  8. Oh, sorry there is one more thing actually, about HG's Round 50 comments: despite our alleged unfair tactics that round, D1 still destroyed us. Hence my signature quoting Lyanna "I have never seen someone get so mad about winning".
  9. I believe all of the above speaks for itself, except I would add that I've previously seen HG claim the minimum time between wars was 2 days, which I dutifully respected.
  10. The funniest thing about this is how HG and Mitten are effectively the mascots of each D1 and D2: they share a near perfect ability to deny facts that don't conform withtheir crocodile tears, a mirror image reflection in each.
  11. Oh, and special thanks to NLON! From saving us from D1's side swipe while we were responding to D2's spy ops during "peace"
  12. Round 55 has been ... eventful so far. AW started the round, howling from the gates: In that thread, D1 admits to starting the dirty op dumpster fire (specifically, Bato conducts dirty ops, AW asks D1 to stop or we will be forced to retaliate, and HG refuses). Meanwhile, SToR offers to help attack D1 with AW on a specific day in the future. But, curiously, is "held up" by a single rogue. With some diplomatic prowess demonstrated by yours truly, the "rogue" (in reality a cultist who was merely tasting some waste) offers peace to SToR. Nonetheless...
  13. Today, Alpha Wolves declares war on SToR. Or ... did they declare war on us? It's not really clear, to be honest.
  14. I will remember this next time you're under attack from a third party.
  15. For the record, neither I nor anyone in AW ever asked BC to attack anyone. I did ask BC (specifically, the stallion) to stop attacking SToR so that SToR would help join fight against D1 as suggested by SToR approximately day 3. And later I publicly announced my thanks to BC for fighting the good fight. But BC's attacks on D1 were actually a wrench in my plans. I would have preferred they left D1 alone earlier on so we could have handled them. Had they, say, attacked OP instead, I might not have foolishly agreed to a period of peace that D1 broke. It's also possible we would have roughed up D1
  16. Shortly after AW made its DNS attack: SToR decides NLON is a good target: However, what about poor OP? They haven't had a war all round. AW seeks to remedy this injustice: FIRST, by declaring war on SToR for attempting to steal AW's XP farm; and SECOND, by declaring war on OP, for its lack of involvement in any wars to date in round 55. That is all
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