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  1. Currently I am specifically looking to complete black sphere circles.
  2. Dont listen to defiled, he's in Kashmir. You can't trust them
  3. lol no problem. and thanks for making me feel old (had to look up the word "poggers")
  4. Sorry if I'm late to the party. Lots of good advice here, but I noticed that no one posted the link to the unofficial CN-wide discord page: https://discord.gg/TTkxCJQNsb
  5. CLAWS is the best. Well chosen
  6. IRON is clearly a great alliance, but when I was last checking the stats (probably too long ago now), NPO / CLAWS / FTW tended to be as good or better for aid slot use, and otherwise IRON is a bit of a black box to me. I dont know their econ programs etc Recently the IRON recruitment game has been excellent
  7. I of course think claws is the best overall alliance to join ; hence why I continue to be an active member of its government. But no, if you read my other public posts, I recommend other alliances too. Usually NPO, FTW, or CLAWS, since I know them well enough and can point to objective evidence that they are quality alliances. For super large nations who are active I would recommend DBDC too. I note that FTW isn't even allied to CLAWS, but I would still recommend them as one of the best alliances to join. Depending on what a nation wants ... I have on at least one occa
  8. No need to italics! I wasn't calling you out. Jogging is good. I like jogging. Dont do it enough anymore. Hope I keep seeing you around one way or the other
  9. To me, an active nation is one that logs in at least once every day or two, and responds to its messages. The best way to find an alliance is to either jump to various discord channels (as suggested above) and see what they're all about. You can also ask folks for a flavour of the different alliances. Of course, folks are always going to say their alliance is best.
  10. The welcome message is very misleading. I recommend you ignore it. The best advice for how to play this game, is to join an alliance and to follow their guides. This will also involve getting trade circles and focussing on tech deals, to start. You can join a large or small alliance, just make sure you join one with active members and a community that suits your play style. I am happy to recommend alliances based on your desired play style. It's easiest to find me on the CLAWS discord: http://claws.rocks/
  11. Happy to help. If there's anything else you would like (trade circle, tech deals, tips & tricks, or alliance recommendations*) I am also also happy to help those ways.
  12. Can someone make us a better theme song? We're perfect otherwise
  13. Currently looking for: - black sphere nations looking to join otherwise complete circles (two spots, different circles) - pink sphere nations who are very active and cool and looking to join the best circles in game
  14. If you join the claws discord server, I can help find you tech buyers: http://claws.rocks/
  15. You can join the claws server at http://claws.rocks/
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