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  1. I am proud to call these guys my friends. O/Neb-X On to bigger and better things. Save the kitties!! lol
  2. Congrats and good luck. You have some great friends in Hydra, so you must be awesome. Cheers !! *edit grammar. A stoned redneck trying to type.. go figure.
  3. Happy Birthday, my friends. O/Invicta !!!!
  4. That is a nice flag, there. I also love the name. Plus my friends in Hydra are behind that there curtain. That means it must be awesome. o/Hydra o/IC
  5. O/Regnum Invictorum I like it! It just rolls off the tongue naturally. Congratulations to our dear friends and allies in Invicta. and oh yes... Haf
  6. I love your theme and wish you all the best. Being a huge fan of "old school" Metal, I shall hail "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" as a true classic. Master of Puppets was a masterpiece.
  7. Congrats and all that jazz. O/Invicta O/NSO *edit typo
  8. Congrats and good luck to my friend, ShadowKing and FAR.
  9. Congrats to BAPS. You guys are just plain awesome. o/BAPS !! o/Purple !!!
  10. This is sad news indeed. Best of luck to you, Thar, my old friend.
  11. Official Announcement From the North American Confederacy (NAC) Due to events beyond my control and an ever changing schedule, it has become more and more difficult for me to remain consistently active here in CN. My drive and passion for the NAC has never left and never will, but, my ability to be as active as needed to run an alliance has been taken from me by circumstance. And it could have a negative effect on my alliance members and our allies. So I wish to announce a Change of Command for the North American Confederacy. For the betterment of my alliance, I hereby resign as President of
  12. Congrats to all the award winners and new members to PEACE. o/purple unity
  13. Awesome and congrats! o/Invicta o/Hydra o/Purple
  14. o yes.. I am back. This thread is now in some deep trouble.
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