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  1. eyriq

    Post-War ---- eh?

    Things are still refining. All is well.
  2. Looks to me like they are still enjoying the offensive.
  3. Nobody wants a piece of the CCC war machine
  4. Culturally speaking you could argue that the community has grown into its own unique code of ethics. Whether it be in defining the parameters for raiding to how we conduct diplomacy, you find widely accepted concepts such as 'white peace', 'EZI', 'old heg', etc, roundly defined and agreed upon and shaping the way we conduct affairs. Politically you see powers walking a tightrope, trying to balance security with action, while avoiding the 'as bad as the old heg' label. The devolution of the political sphere that began with the take down of NPO and friends has slowed since Karma, as even the ghost of NPO was a worthy boogeyman to maintain a ready coalition. Now that the final nail was seemingly planted in the coffin of 'the old heg', who knows what will happen; an accelerated devolution resulting in multipolarity, or a big war leading to an even firmer coalition than what the SG represented? What "makes me happy" is watching the culture evolve as political realities shift. I presently enjoy the current culture of competition that exists, vs the might makes right culture that defined the "material reality" era of the Old Heg. I also am enjoying all the blocs and spheres of influence that are competing for positions of power. IMO the game is alive and well.
  5. eyriq

    Who would win?

    Hey, good spotlight. I'd say a draw.
  6. Excellent. I enjoy your efforts.
  7. eyriq

    Dear Advertisers

    Appliance Direct ftl
  8. eyriq

    Alliance State of Mind

    Things got too political?
  9. I don't really have anything to say about the stuff in that quote, I broke up the post here so that everyone else can giggle along with me as Impero accuses me of foaming at the mouth and then launches into his own crazed tirade. This is funny, took the words out of my mouth. Another takeaway is that Avalon is quite hardcore.
  10. Sure. An experience you aren't likely to have any other way that is ultimately as safe as sitting on your coach.
  11. eyriq


    Your key board has left behind a trail of bodies. You, dear Sir, are fooling NOONE. In fact, mere proximity is sapping my sovereignty as we speak, must.walk.away.
  12. True, true. This is more a critique of the current system in which the option "or cancel" is rarely used and when it is it creates a lot of negative feedback as seen in, for example, A Sad GOONS Announcement. You took a ribbing for looking at your ties multilaterally. People generally just don't accept that what happens degrees removed from an alliance should be relevant to how an alliance behaves, or at least they don't in practice. In theory I'm sure you'd find the view more acceptable, but when it comes to how alliances actually operate...
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