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Something magnificient of the multi-coloured variety...


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Good afternoon!!!

I have a number of happy announcements to make...

[size="3"][b][u]MCXA's Anniversary [/u][/b][/size][size="1"](did you remember...)[/size]

Today marks MCXA's third anniversary :D The last three years haven't been uneventful I'm sure you'll agree and this last year especially! We had the fall out from the TSO exodus,the forum crash,the Karma War,the Second Unjust War and yet inspite of that we're still here and we're growing! We have a fantastic and active High Council (whom I adore thoroughly) and a membership who make me feel honoured to be the Chancellor of such a fantastic alliance...

Bobo the Monkey has put together a great video documenting just some of the great people who make up MCXA:



As you may know at the last MCXA High Council election two long standing High Council members stood down:zzniperr2 (former Minister-at-Large) and Randal (former Minister of Defence),in recognition of their work for MCXA over the period of their tenure the MCXA High Council has voted to award Champion masks to these two illustrious members.I would like to wish them a very happy retirement (however short it may end up being :P )

[size="3"][b][u]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/u][/b][/size]

As you may or may not know,last week SuperCoolYellow stood down from his position as MCXA's Minister of Foreign Affairs.Earlier this week,the MCXA High Council voted to select Jrkee to take over this position for the remainder of the term.I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Jrkee the best of luck :D

If you have read this far,well done,a gold star is in the post

mcp13 :)

MCXA Chancellor

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[quote name='Schattenmann' date='24 April 2010 - 07:38 AM' timestamp='1272091072' post='2272846']
Way to leave SuperCoolYellow to the wolves. Just about what anyone who has seen the last 3 years would have expected.

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