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  1. I've thought about it in the same way. You never know when you need liquidity for lawyer fees, medical emergencies and the like.
  2. Wow, you missed the entire point of his post. If you've spent your time playing any multiplayer game it's plainly observable that relationships built on it are ephemeral, it's like trading friendly banter with a person on the streets you'll never see again. His post is actually quite insightful.
  3. Hello there, my name is Goldie and I am an attention whore.
  4. I remember people were complaining about the price of movie tickets that were like 11$. But adjusting for inflation the price of movie tickets have stayed pretty stable. Plus taking a girl to a decent sit down restaurant costs at least 20 dollars, and you sh*t that stuff out a day later. Good luck reselling it. Alot of fun things in life costs money, deal with it.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if CN died out in 5 years, the in-game mechanics show many vestigial appendages and is really starting to show its age. What drew me into CN was how seriously the community took the politics, but the way the politics is expressed in-game is absolutely a drag. CN is an overly glorified stat collecting game, the outcome of every war is basically determined before it's even fought. There are no theatrics and maneuver of battle, it's going down a checklist of things: []Warchest? []Tech? []Update Blitz? []Staggering? The closest thing to that is pondering which side a stats filled alliance is going to fall on, but it's a poor substitute. I honestly can't help myself from rolling my eyes when people congratulate each other on a fun battle: "You conducted your daily allowance of attacks like you were supposed to! Great success!" Yeah... I've been getting more into Astro Empires, the politics are weak but the battles are spectacular (for a browser game anyway). The nuanced rock-paper-scissors mechanics ensure numbers are not everything, and tactics play a much larger factor in the outcome of a battle.
  6. Get hair long enough for a ponytail
  7. No one "freaked out" over your forum trolling, more like annoyed responses to the usually inane comments you guys generally leave behind. Some of you guys are okay though. However there were heated responses over the attack on CG, which was totally appropriate given the nature of the situation. If you want really bad PR, you guys were really successful. Grats, I guess.
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