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  1. Thanks again Chintan. You take the stress out of owning the Mars Wonders. :wub:
  2. On paper, an excellent addition to a very good team. As lomg as he doesn't fall off the wagon.
  3. So, no 'closest to the pin' tech for your old pal?
  4. They are waiting until Sippy can coup the current Government. GDA only goes to war with her at the helm. Exercise patience boys.
  5. [quote name='Cerridwyn' timestamp='1306933556' post='2721981'] You so rock! [/quote] I couldn't agree more. Thanks.
  6. Thanks mate. Really nice work getting it so quickly.
  7. [s]Funny, I get only 50% effectiveness at those coordinates[/s]. nvm, slipped a negative.
  8. SCY was scolded for his actions in this instance. He now knows that our feelings about those requesting a sanction are irrelevant, if the sanction is justified (as Schattenmann's was), we are obligated to accept the request. Blue sanction requests made to Dr. Fresh (Raunchero) do not go through the MCXA Government first.
  9. We talked about banning you, but we all had a serious Rex jones
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