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  1. AvengingAngel256

    Cat Scratch Fever

    Aw, We're [i]so popular[/i]. Cheers LoSS, Welcome to the War. Let's have some fun, Get ready for the Poetry.
  2. AvengingAngel256

    ever seen greenstreet hooligans?

    [quote name='emmabuddie' timestamp='1341201016' post='3001549'] i have no idea what your talking about this attack was a complete surprise to MHA, they did not see it coming at all didnt they? [/quote] We had No Idea at all. What is this!? Welcome to the Fray Hooligans, Hope you have fun (brace yourself for the Vogon Poetry) [insert terribad but obligatory old man yelling at hooligans to get off his damn lawn joke here]
  3. AvengingAngel256

    Herding Cats

    [quote name='mompson' timestamp='1341065856' post='3000600'] So to be clear, is there actually a Vogan Poetry Contest? [/quote] I Don't know if we have an officially Sanctioned Vogon Poetry Contest (I'll check with Julia to see if we can get something set up), But I'd be willing to shell out 3M or 50T towards a Prize for Best Vogon Poetry Message sent to a War Opponent. I guess Screen Shot the Vogon Poetry message (and/or your opponents response) and Post it in this thread? (Again I'll see if we want to Set up a Thread on our Forums instead for Entries.) Don't have to be a MHA Hitchhiker to send Vogon Poetry, Just have to be a Hoopy Frood. Edit: Spelling
  4. AvengingAngel256

    Herding Cats

    And so the bypasses will be built... Cheers Gato, As Timlee said, that's how the cookie crumbles, Hope everyone has fun blowing up pixels!
  5. AvengingAngel256

    Argent: Now with more irrelevence

    Cheers to argent on the new gov. Special congrats to espressoville
  6. Damn, Those mostly harmless Hitchhikers are lucky folks to have such an awesome ally!
  7. AvengingAngel256

    PPO-HB get Steamy

    Me Likey ^-^ Congrats to Both Parties
  8. AvengingAngel256

    Neutral Mania 101

    needs more jerdge.
  9. AvengingAngel256

    Notice to FOK!

  10. AvengingAngel256

    Peace Is Achieved

    Congrats to all on peace. Much Wub to our allies that came in to stand alongside us in response to a bull cb based on faulty intel. o/ MHA o/ our allies o/ ODN/GATO et al. round of pan galactic gargle blasters for everyone on me.
  11. AvengingAngel256

    The End ?

    Psh. You'll kick whatever illness is going on in the face and then be back to CN in no time. And until then, I will be pestering you on facebook to come back. It was fun man, Come back soon.
  12. AvengingAngel256

    For ours is the time: Apparatus Declaration

    [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1323674227' post='2875004'] MHA is lucky to have you as allies. [/quote] Agreed. My Thanks Friends. Onwards Apparatus! A Huge MHAil to you all! o/
  13. AvengingAngel256

    Don't Panic #46

    [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1323122441' post='2864079'] ITT: NR is condescending. Actually, you were asked to help because you were nuclear capable, had a relatively full set of wonders and the "rogue," we had had his tech hammered purposely and had roughly a 6-7 billion dollar warchest with a full wonder/improv set set at about 10k ns, iirc. There was very little point to throwing up nations with ~4k infra 0 tech against a nation who could simply rebuy infra to buy nukes for pennies, and thus I asked Roq as Umbrella had 2-3 similar nations in range at the time. He agreed and offered to help. We also offered aid but iirc Roq said not to bother. In that case, we had plenty who wanted but were told not to declare, or simply couldn't. In this case I couldn't speak to it but I'm thinking that MHA really doesn't give half a !@#$ about Vlad, considering he's more or less doing them a favor as I pointed out on the previous page. One aid package of 6 mill keeps Vlad raped and the nation he attacks more than compensated for their trouble. Vlad poses no such threat. But yeah, good times. [/quote] I know we're not really supposed to do "quoted for truth posts" but yea, basically what IYIyth said. also, brb Declaring on Masterbake for trying to Poach WCR.
  14. AvengingAngel256

    Third Time's the Charm

    I <3 you Fark. Have fun
  15. AvengingAngel256

    Don't Panic, froods!

    Hurray! Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters for the House! First Round's on Me! Rounds 2 through 9 are on IYIyth Happy Birthday to usss!