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Announcement from \m/, Poison Clan, FOK! and New Polar Order

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<AlmightyGrub> [09:54] <AlmightyGrub> The parties NpO, \m/ and PC agree to end hostilities

<AlmightyGrub> [09:55] <AlmightyGrub> \m/ acknowledges that they have a charter that reflects the accepted CN standards and they agree to follow their charter

<AlmightyGrub> [09:55] <AlmightyGrub> Community standards on Planet Bob are defined by the community as a whole. NpO acknowledges this and that it is not the sole moral authority.

FOK also agrees to this.


Chief Savage Man, Comrade Goby, Emperor Marx, Triumvirate of \m/

Derwood and Twisted for Poison Clan

Government of FOK!

AlmightyGrub, Emperor of New Polar Order

Well I think we all got our points across. Good game, NpO.

Edited by Chief Savage Man
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