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  1. Ya know, if you end up on the losing end of this battle, you could always resort to reporting my user name.
  2. We appreciate your noncommittal stance until the situation was further clarified. Wouldn't want to see you get in over your head lol.
  3. please elaborate. or are we just tossing random insults at each other?
  4. Not a single thing you said makes any sense whatsoever
  5. Can we stop talking about all this crap and bring the focus of this thread back to where it belongs - On me!
  6. Just wait until we run out of money and admin starts to aid our nations through the referal bonus. oh ya.
  7. End Games Recognition of Hostilities While the alliance End Game has been at a state of war for about 1 month now, tonight we recognize the hostilities of Non-Grata. We ask that all alliances affiliated with Non-Grata remain neutral and simply leave this between us and them. We understand that due to our rogue status, we will be sanctioned on all team colours and do not recognize this as hostile action. We still love you all. Any alliance that decides to help Non-Grata out by declaring war or spying on our nations will be subject to attacks by End Game. Sleep well my kittens. Tonight your baby nations dine on lvl 9 planes Signed, The 17 of us.
  8. My area of influence is showing 3600 miles of land due to growth. I'm under the impression that nations grow .5 miles per day. I'm pretty sure prior to me noticing this that my nation was just over 1000 miles due to growth.
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