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  1. I hope you know I love you both. While it is nice, though somewhat uncharacteristic, to see this in letter, the ideals have long existed in Spirit. Should anyone attack either of you it will be nothing short of hilarious. Though why anyone would ever want to, or furthermore think it would be a good idea, is well beyond my imagination. In any case, this announcement pleases me... And I just thought you should know.
  2. I love you guy's. You know that right? Edit: Yes, I'm still alive; so's the FCC. And yes I've been rather quiet and ornery lately. So sue me.
  3. I can't say how sorry I am to see both of them go. CyberNations will not be the same without them.
  4. Much Love all around. Any friend of OMFG is a casual acquaintance of mine ;-P
  5. We don't seem to have data for June up yet... I haven't been paying much attention lately, since I've had no trades anyway... But that looks like it might be fixed soon. c/p from mars wonder thingy Mine Effectiveness: 80% Last Moved: 4/9/2011 Location: -46.00000, -69.00000
  6. FYI you get 12 trades total, unless you're doubling up on something for no apparent reason. Water is a requirement for Beer. With 3BR Beer, Fast Food and Construction, you get to round it out with TWO extra resources... Fish and Uranium are popular.
  7. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=117542 Nation link BTW, just to save some leggwork.
  8. You could always move to blue and join mine... http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=102141
  9. Pigs: Neuromancer7 Sugar: Neuromancer7 Cattle: draggie Spices: Water: draggie Wheat: baxter66 Lumbar: Aluminum: Iron: foxtwo Marble: Fish: foxtwo Uranium/Gems/Wine: baxter66 I don't really care if we finish with Uranium or Gems. Or even Wine or Silver. Gems > Uranium > Silver > Wine or thereabouts(Note: This is based on offhand guesswork. I'm a veteran and know the game.. But I didn't exactly run the numbers now did I?) draggie foxtwo and I are all long term veterans etc. We're not likely to be leaving the game any time soon. And, yes we can afford to help you buy a Har
  10. Awesome? Or MOST Awesome? I like the treaty, I love the players. But I'm really more of a whiskey person myself. Different drinks for different drunks... Congratulations again.
  11. [quote name='Trinite' timestamp='1303001417' post='2691734'] Black weeps . You shall be missed. [/quote] Well said, and I second this heartily. It certainly does seem as though we are approaching the heat death of the universe as we know it. We're not there yet, but I think it's safe to say that it's on the horizon.
  12. Pay no attention to what previously occupied this post... Very nice... Congratulations are in order.
  13. I relocated my three mars thingies... Data points for November are(Data listed in the order it's displayed): 67% -> -25.79989, -6.32813 60% -> -65.65827, 40.78125 50% -> -27.99440, 169.80469 It's rather doubtful that I'll bother doing the math... But there's the data if someone wants to run the number for Novembers hotspot.
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