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  1. Vyper

    New Forums!

    oh i thought you meant this board... but i know how it is setting up a forum... i've done a few experimenting here and there...
  2. Vyper

    New Forums!

    Bilrow? YOU'RE doing it? I say we hold a GFX Stand Off...
  3. Vyper

    New Forums!

    I'm liking the new place... redecorated... but i'm just not feeling that "banner"... mind if some of us GFX Gurus through some bits into it?
  4. Every alliance has the basic method of nation building, but also modified to a point where they have experimented enough to come out with different solutions... not all alliances will have the same guide... depends... but this one is the best to use for now...
  5. Request to have the flag show on the first post.... i don't like seeing code... it make the image look naked let's have this up there too
  6. I made it here on time Just enjoying looking at everyone spam their alliance thread up to the top for everyone to read :lol: Beer and Caek for everyone
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