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Sick of Seizing the Day


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I am here today to announce that Carpe Diem is quite sick of day seizing. We’ve been doing it (poorly) for almost 2 years now and we’re ready to scratch our last wish off the bucket list.


Yes, the above is our war flag. Screw all of you that voted for anyone else in the best war flag of 2009 competition

Recently, more than half of planet Bob got its wish when the mighty, honorable, venerable and dear-to-our-hearts New Sith Order was attacked by RnR, GOD and, most unfortunately for them, Fark.

Obviously, we could attack any of these alliances in defense of our good friends and even better trading partners; however, RnR is taken and CD doesn’t believe in GOD (we only believe in our holy and seductive sovereign, Kirsten).

That only leaves one option. That’s right; we’re saddling up and heading after those Farkers who by now probably think they’re the !@#$ for adding an unnecessary 11 million NS to an already fairly lopsided battle. Good for them, we applaud them in this as much as we mock them for it.

So here’s to you Fark, the true real men of genius. CD is bringing what it has, something you probably don’t understand or even know what it is. That’s right, we’re bringing our balls. I hope you brought your @$$-less chaps.


Kirsten - Wait Until Her PMS Kicks in; Sovereign

Pyroman - Testicle wielding Oracle of Carpe Diem

tl;dr : CD is going to pound some Farkers in the butt.

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This war has been a troubling one for Silence, with allies on both sides and in some cases (like here), fighting each other. Nobody likes seeing their allies fighting each other and I wish both sides good luck and happy hunting. May your wars be swift and honourable, and may you not turn too many of each other's nations into glowing wastelands!

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Best War Flag Ever.... Period

I remember fighting you all in this war


good times, it was a fun war, and I'm sure you guys will fight with honor this time as well.

o/ Carpe Diem

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