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  1. Your also forgetting that not all nations Governments are Capitalistic.
  2. Duckz3

    Hair Stylin'

    Well I dont know. With your turbin long hair may be difficult. What I do is keep it about right below my ears and at my eyebrows on the front. I then push the hair infront of my eyes to the left to keep it out of the way. <3 Joss
  3. I miss all of the Posting this will get me warned.'s
  4. Excdellent post on Echelon. I loved it.

  5. It was a reference to Echelon dammit.
  6. To bad. War me. I dare you. I mean hell since making a post on the OWF shows how much of a man you are
  7. Alright, So today I was in echelon's channel. I was discussing their recent post and what they have been doing this week. Now honestly, I dont give a rats butt about Echelon, but their ignorance is funny. All Caffine can do is post a link saying "NO (Insert &#33;@#&#036;%* link here)". So after my logic made them all flip over dead, they had to kick ban me. They were that intimidated by logic. I know logic is a scary thing in the Cyberverse, but really, kick banning someone from your IRC channel over it? Shame on you Echelon, Gonna demand reps for that too? Also, I dont know about the

  9. You should ask Havok, He was in the Convo. It happend. Joss
  10. A spy ring is a spy ring. If you threaten to roll an alliance, You can be attacked. Also. You basically said "No You"
  11. So if this was anyone else they would be ZI'd? In a week GM will forget that this even happend and probably do it in another month. Also, Who hasnt been annoyed by GM? You are basically are condoning Muffins actions Rush. Thanks Joss <3
  12. Ill give you a list of people whom where in this call: mhawk, Havok, Myself, Saltar, GreenMuffins, CptBlck, WickedJ and Silver Empress. When I join the call. After Saltar had been asked to join the alliance, I asked them if they where serious. They said yes. I then Quired Havok warning him. Those are a lot of Foriegners from Athens in the call. I believe only myself Havok and Saltar spoke to CptBlck and Green Muffins. This is a foriegn matter not an internal matter. And unless you are supporting the creation of a Spy alliance Rush, You cant say that their isn't anything wrong with this.
  13. So TPF get rolls for planning Spying but Muffins gets told to quit it?
  14. ME and Rey havnt made a post in a while. The ones your addressing are others.
  15. Rush, Green Muffins asking you to have sex with him is Different then attempting to recruit members to a Spy ring. Recruiting people to a spy ring, Such as a World Task force member ect is much different then a random query. Joss
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