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  1. Gantan X out of the top 10 through inactvity, Council of Ten and Lord Erding inactive out of the top 50. Spreadsheet updated for top 50 ranks, havent updated casualty counts yet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12f0ZNbJKKdheY5NbNZ0rI3rZbiYaRudXm_Ew3CwJOrk/edit#gid=0
  2. Okay so round 2, only 90 and 193 remain. I got up to nations created in july, safe to say anything that new will not have gotten to 8m casualties so ive missed them somewhere 😭😭
  3. Nice KingIrwin, glad this got going again! Also I thought knocking Grub out of the 10 was a notable achievement Decided to do some searching, finally filled the top 50!! Only remaining entries in the top 200 are 90, 150, 173 and 193. I searched up to page 33 of nations oldest to youngest. so 150, 173 and 193 should be in the remaining pages. I messed up and didn't realise 90 hadn't been filled so it may be somewhere in the first 33 pages 😭 Actions Today: 1,993 of 2,000 🤮🤮
  4. Can't see the pinned topics in any of the moderation sub forums or find them anywhere else?
  5. Lol pretty much everything that has ever happened in this game has involved considerable back stabbing. It is the only way to upset the status quo with nukes and sdi's dictating that numbers will always win. Also that the place is dying and rather dull requires little convincing so might as well get in while there is still something to play with.
  6. you mean 9 and 10 figure war chests right Also casualties are pixel hugging but hey i like them it shows how much fun youve had seeing as anything but war is boring in this game. Sure your defending casualties show how much you been beaten up your attacking casualties show how much damage you've done as well.
  7. Dammm long time no see.

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