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  1. Sad that we're attacking Legion, but whatevs. I hope the next rogue AA goes after VE like I hoped we would do. Also, I'm stunned by the negative reactions here. Were you all really so content to sit on your thumbs and do noting until you were the only nations left? Get to it, before the sun sets and you're lost in the woods at night with your #%&$@ in your hands and nowhere to drop your load.
  2. Wow, so much love here! Congrats ray, and all hail former empress Joe!
  3. Kaskus has made two major altercations, my favorite of which is that they'll keep upholding this doctrine even once it's become completely meaningless, like some sort of meaningless doctrine hoarder. You guys going to ratify the Monroe Doctrine next too? Nonetheless, Ivan would be proud that his ideals have finally caught on, even if it is only Kaskus.
  4. Can't decide if I want to drink their blood now or later. I feel like if I drink it now I'm just going to be sluggish... Hail NG Hail NSO Hail Hydra
  5. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror. Honestly, the dark side and random insanity seem to go hand in hand. This is a good thing.
  6. I posted two sanctions on white team today, and both times I changed the reason for sanction, and both times it showed afterwards as "A general dispute". Not a huge deal, obviously, just something I figured you'd want to know about.
  7. Wait, were we just lumped together with Kaskus? You're all just jealous that the girls at the club are all in NSO's VIP section. SMOKE!
  8. The sith are all about having fun, mmkay? Unz unz unz unz unz, hey baby have you met my pet seal?
  9. I am pro seal clubbing. First of all, it's adorable. Second, seals make great wingmen. Seals be bouncing up into da club and I'm like "we all gettin' laid tonight!".
  10. You missed the part about us washing off the stench. GAWD
  11. "Torn" isn't a good word for it. It's all pretty amicable. In fact, as a member of the NSO, I'm quite happy about it. Now we can wash off the stench of having been their jock strap for so long. Free at last, free at last, oh admin all mighty we are free at last!
  12. Do be careful though, Holton is a capricious lady.
  13. Birthday celebrations are about the survival of an alliance through enduring unity and common goals. I have no idea why someone would suggest, on our birthday no less, that we would drop an outstanding member of any alliance lucky enough to have him, like Neo Uruk.
  14. Honestly, who has time for birthdays anyway. We done it guys!
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