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A Somber Note from the Mushroom Kingdom


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The Mushroom Kingdom would like to take a moment and take its focus away from the ugliness that surrounds us as our allies fight and take a moment to reflect inward at some character flaws we know exist.

We cannot condone the actions of our members in a public channel recently in which two very serious taboos were breached. The offended alliances know of the occasion which we speak, and in an effort to keep that kind of filth off the public boards, we will not repeat what happened today. However, we do firmly acknowledge that what transpired was rude, unnecessary and one among the most classless moments in MK’s history. We apologize to the Imperial Assault Alliance and to the Dark Templar, the offended alliance and the alliance’s channel in which it took, respectively, and you can expect that actions will be taken to prevent this kind of thing in the future.

We want to thank IAA and DT for being extremely cooperative with us and showing the class our members should have shown in the first place. We also want to thank Blackrose, the individual wronged during this incident, for being courteous and working with us to get this behind us, and I would like to personally thank Chimaera for his grace in handling this situation in the midst of everything going on.

On behalf of the Mushroom Kingdom,


King of the Mushroom Kingdom

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On behalf of the Empire, I’d like to formally accept the apology put forward by Archon and his Kingdom – despite last night’s problems, they have handled this situation with the utmost professionalism, a trait that has been distinctly lacking from recent decorum seen around our planet. We look forward to future cooperation with the Kingdom as our alliances move forward to a better and brighter relationship in the future.


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