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  1. I changed my password just to wish you guys a happy birthday! May bob go green this next year.
  2. NATION LINK: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=75587 TEAM NAME: The Nye Guys TEAM COLORS: White, Black, Science
  3. Hahaha wonderful NPO, this is just epic. I can only imagine how people still in the GPA might perceive this.
  4. Sounds fun! I call for GPA's opinion on this.
  5. Blood has been drawn in the name of Darkestwish! [ooc]You have attacked Walmart HQ. You lost 16 soldiers and 1 tank. You apprehended 22 staff and 2 executives. Your forces razed 5.744 floors of the building, stole 512 ballpoint pens, and destroyed 20.514 crappy printers. Your forces looted $133,297.61 from the treasury. In the end the battle was a Victory. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically removed.[/ooc]
  6. *Sets up a stand of turtles* This will all make sense if you check us out.
  7. *Bumped* for your convenience!
  8. Hiya! This is Jimmeh. I am one of our alliances Triumverates. Unofficially, I single handily oversee the production of quotes for our signatures, you may notice our signatures are quite fat and healthy. Officially however, I run the economic programs in our alliance, one of which focuses around getting each of our members a Manhattan Project as quickly as possible via open community effort. However, as has been alluded to above, we are missing a key piece to the puzzle; I told Rahl not to buy this puzzle from that shifty guy with the masters degree in puzzlry, but oh well. *Ehem* Anyways, yo
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