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Ask questions about teh lolcommies

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So I was browsing the rate blocs thread, and one of the big comments people made about LEO was that they didn't know anything about a certain member alliance. Obviously you all know FOK and R&R's name comes up some times in the better circles, so it was pretty obvious who that meant.

So ask any questions that might come to mind.

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While you're a broadly left alliance,

Which particular stream of thought of Left philosophy is the international constituted upon and take up?

Does it take the ethics of this system from OoC into IC?


[OOC]We're most like the International Working Men's Association in that we really do accept and embrace a broad spectrum of folks. Start getting puritanical and we'd get real small real fast.[/OOC]

How did The International get to be so awesome?

It wasn't a process. We just started out that way.

Do you approve of my avatar?

Trotsky as St. George slaying the dragon...

I don't, but most of our members probably would :D

Why the name "The International"? How was the name decided?

I do like the name, just wondering how it was chosen.

It's based off of the Communist International.

[shockhorror]more OOC![/shockhorror]

Originally, the name was chosen because everybody who was forming the alliance liked it. ty345 is right in that it referes to an international political organization or political party rather than the way most alliances choose to present themselves: as empires or as federations.

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What are you doing about the unequal distribution of technology amongst nations?

As much as we can, given the game mechanics and the limit on technology movement. We don't have too many nations that are much higher or lower than our average, so I'd say we're pretty efficient at redistribution.

Did you ever consider a switch to red?

Not seriously. Before Karma, it wasn't really possible. Afterwords, it wasn't worth it. Plus, you know, Orange is awesome and all that.

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I just would like to say that I hate you because with the merger 2 of the most beautiful flags(SE and TRF) that I ever did become unused :(

Edit: Also, obligatory lolcommies

While the TRF flag is awesome, as a graphics dude you have to admit the INT flag is super dope.


Yeah, yeah, lolus.

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How much of the CPCN's history and traditions play a part in the International these days?

Well, we've stopped the S1914 games because nobody was interested, but we do consider the history of all our predecessor alliance to be part of "our" past. Oh, and we seem to have revived the old CPCN tradition of always electing the same folks for positions. ^_^

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Who is a closer ally to you--ODN, or FOK?

If the two were on opposite sides of a war--or clearly would be in a future conflict that you saw coming (not nec. against one another), who would you side with? Would you cancel treaties to pick a side, or hold the treaties and try to act as a mediator to prevent the war?

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