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  1. Adrian LaCroix

    More alliances is a good or a bad thing?

    As someone who's always loved the small alliance feel, I wouldn't say they're bad for the game. Of course I'm biased. Protectorates are often just completely irrelevant hunks of newbies, but if the alliance is politically active it's just one more variable, which can be good or bad depending on what other alliances do based on the number of variables available to them. Some see opportunity and attempt to woo the new alliance, some see uncertainty and hem and haw about.
  2. Adrian LaCroix

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    So many big red numbers in the membership stats. I wonder how many nations packed it in this war.
  3. Adrian LaCroix

    Most Department/Ministry experience

    I spent about 3 years in FA gov off and on.
  4. Adrian LaCroix

    SimCity 5 Review

    Any game that forces me to be online for single player at any point in time is an immediate dealbreaker.
  5. Adrian LaCroix

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    I just wonder what sort of lesson plan you could base around CN. Spreadsheet class?
  6. Adrian LaCroix

    Greatest War Ever

    Karma, by a wide margin. The buildup was great, the actual war itself was fun and short enough (for me and mine) that it didn't get to the point of tediousness, and really it was the culmination of every storyline that had been prominent since I'd joined. It's all gone downhill from there, for a number of reasons.
  7. Adrian LaCroix

    PS4 Details! System Revealed!

    People still play videogames? I thought everyone was too busy screwing around with farmville and microtransaction advertisements. On a more serious note, are we really still talking about graphics? This past (current?) generation advanced graphics to the point where I can't really see caring about any extra gains in that department. In fact it will probably only do more to push every representation of a human being in a western-made video game further into my Uncanny Valley, where they've been pretty much since the 360 and PS3 were launched. Beyond that, what are the selling points? Social media enabler bullcrap? Motion controls? I don't really do social media, and motion controls were stupid when Nintendo did them, they're pretty much always just going to be for gimmick games and kiddy crap. What else? World of Brown and Gray: The Shootening? A port of a half-assed PC game? If you paid me to do it, I might get a PS4. Odds are pretty good I'll not be bothering.
  8. Adrian LaCroix

    War Stories

    The most I've ever lost was in PB-NpO, where I went from about 60k NS to about 15k. Unfortunately I don't think I've ever really gotten much bigger than I am now.
  9. Adrian LaCroix

    Interest Check: Top 10 Most Destructive Wars chart?

    Sounds interesting to me.
  10. Adrian LaCroix

    Urgent Invitation.

    At least what he's doing is actually based in the game, rather than being OOC slander. Get some small nations in your alliance with the Jewish faith to band together to fight off the oppressor, don't come here complaining on an OOC forum about it.
  11. Adrian LaCroix

    Forum Update

    Ugh, the look of this skin is just so ugly and garish.
  12. Adrian LaCroix

    "Offense" VS "Defense"

    I consider it offensive, but it's all irrelevant anyway in this day and age of pre-emption and lolcoalitionwarfare.
  13. Adrian LaCroix

    Why shouldn't I quit?

    People don't like it when you go rogue on them for no reason, and want you to pay them lots of money when you chicken out partway through and decide you want the war to stop. Amazing.
  14. Adrian LaCroix

    An Announcement from the Mushroom Kingdom

    This is one of the silliest CBs I've ever seen.