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  1. It makes more sense to have them in one place. Instead of spread out all over the internet.
  2. If you dont have a job, there's no reason your not taking classes as much as you can. So, you know, if you ARE a full time student, taking as many credits as possible, you WILL graduate in 4 years or less.
  3. I have one word for you. Nukes. With alliances creating there own channels, the reason for this is to have a central hub where everyone can find everybody.
  4. Really, are you forgetting me? I am creative and ambitiuos. And intelligent when I want to be. Look, leadership is about creativity in war, treatys and management. I have been in alliances like Nordreich which micro manage the !@#$ out of you and then alliances like Dark Templar who could care less about you. Very few alliances have found a balance. The ones who have won the war.
  5. Loki, all I can say is wow. Your going to just stay at your parents house for 6-8 years? There's jobs out there, part time and full time. And THERE EVERYWHERE! Just because there isn't a help wanted sign doesn't mean theres not a job availible. I live in a town of about 2500 people. Now there are 15-25 buisness' here ALONE! I assume you live in a somewhat populated area. If you can't find a job, you really have issues. Here are some of the bigger companies that are always hiring: Mcdonalds Burger King Walmart Sears Best Buy Start there, part Time work is not hard to find. If your to g
  6. I Came up with the idea so............yeah. The Your/You're thing belongs in the YT comments section....Not here. I know this is sarcasm but when a winner wins, the loser becomes great.
  7. Thank you for redirecting the attention from me to the only ADMIN SANTIONED CHANNEL! As for the question, No, on the actual channel, only admin announcements will be made. Nations and Alliances create there own channels, post there own content. Once the channel is created, they send me the link to there channel and it will then be linked to in the "Featured Channel" category on the side. (Currently there are no featured channels because no one has created one.)
  8. You dont get it, do you? Your criticizing admin for letting me do this. I got plenty more ideas which WILL get put into place as soon as I get my ideas around. Most people dont know this, but I was a director of marketing for a company I used to work for. Its all about the connections.
  9. Wait. You said in eight years you will pay bills. Your ten and have better grammer then me? kk
  10. Let me lay some numbers on you. CN numbers = roughly 12000, compared to when it peaked at around 50000, not to mention the fact less people are on the forums. Youtube = 1 Billion users a MONTH! Searches for some key word will bring them to us. admin = sucess. Remember this is a admin supported project, which he is always right.......... me = I have connections on other sites willing to get the word out on the game. CN + Youtube + admin + me = Player numbers at 20 thousand by mid 2014.
  11. Now that the Cybernations Youtube Network has been launched (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/117147-the-cyber-nations-youtube-network/) I am looking for people who have not only ideas for videos, but better equipment to make videos. Please contact me if you are interested in helping the Network.
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