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Annoucement from Aurora Borealis

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"We can each sit and wait to die, from the very day of our births. Those of us who do not do so, choose to ask--and to answer--the two questions that define every conscious creature: What do I want? and What will I do to get it? Which are, finally, only one question: What is my will? Caine teaches us that the answer is always found within our own experience; our lives provide the structure of the question, and a properly phrased question contains its own answer."

Since its inception, Aurora Borealis has been dogged by this question. Aurora Borealis was founded as a result of an internal conflict within Monos Archein. After a year, the controversy is now long-dead. Originally, it was founded as a retirement home for Those Who Don't Give a Damn Anymore, but after being offered protection by Echelon and receiving Archon as our first ambassador, we quickly began nurturing the alliance and we grew. When Echelon attacked the Mushroom Kingdom in the Polaris war, Aurora Borealis remained neutral—several members left to join the front in Vox, the Mushroom Kingdom, and Echelon. It was at this point we decided neutrality would no longer be an acceptable course of action for us. Politics be damned, we committed to defending our friends. We prepared for the much hyped war, and we decided to follow our treaties as they were activated. It resulted in our declaring war on GOD in support of Echelon during the Karma War. After a month of fighting, peace was achieved, and we have just about completed the reparations owed to GOD.

After the war, we took a serious look at who we are, where we are as an alliance, and where we wish to go. We took an axe to the charter and government and after a month of debate, we're going to sprint into the future and we're going to do it with our allies, and we're going to do it with whoever the hell else is crazy enough to come along.

We have voided the Constitution of the Spirits and reformed the government. The law of Aurora Borealis is now dictated by the Code of Caine. The Blade of Tyshalle now heads the triumvirate of the Black Knives, with the Executors serving as ministers to the alliance.

The Code of Caine:

Rule #1:An attack on Aurora Borealis or its sovereignty will be met with force deemed necessary to quell the threat, maintaining its right to use first strike nuclear weapons.

Rule #2: What the Black Knives says, goes. It comes out of their mouth, it's law within the alliance. Break a law, a member gets warned. Break another, the member is ejected.

Rule #3: An attack on our friends is an attack on the alliance. See rule #1.

The Government of Aurora Borealis:

The Black Knives

Dan123123- Blade of Tyshalle

Nitroburn- Kosall

The Evilest Eye- The River Goddess


Executor of Foreign Affairs: Jutopia

Executor of Finance: Sarkin

Executor of Internal Affairs: Sea_Junky

Executor of War: Dralin

A lot of great people in and outside of Aurora Borealis have given us assistance and friendship when we needed it most. We would not have survived if not for you. You guys know who you are. We will repay what has been given to us; we've found our raison d'être.

Here's to a year of existing. B)

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From turbulent and tumultuous beginnings an alliance formed. Seeing the way these people were treated, the slander, the outright pigheadedness of some and where they are today only fills me with respect and pride for Aurora. In the time that I've known both the alliance and the leadership of Aurora Borealis, I've come to find people no better than they. Honorable and loyal to the most bitter end, Aurora are the best. I fracking love you guys.

To another year! Hail Aurora Borealis!

fakedit: love the new code guys :D

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I asked Solidus to proofread what I wanted to say, but he ended up stealing and using just about everything -_-

So congratulations AB, on both your new code and anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been a year already... I don't think one could ask for better friends, and I hope to see you guys celebrate a few more birthdays yet. :)

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Warmest and heartfelt congratulations from your Echelon brothers. After the amount of our blood co-mingled in the fires of battle, you have earned the right to be considered our brother alliance. Best wishes on your first anniversary, and a toast to you having many more firsts and anniversaries cheers.gif

o/ Aurora Borealis!

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