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  1. I'm not feeling too bad about our pick. I do wonder how much we gave for the trade though
  2. Well, as a Jags fan, I can't say I'd cry if they picked him if he fell that far. Now, if we pulled a Derrick Harvey and moved up for him, I'll give myself a lobotomy. Also, long time no talk
  3. I don't see the Jaguars taking Bowers. He has amazing upside,but that's the thing. Gene Smith(The GM) is a high floors guy, not high ceiling. But, with Bowers falling that far, it could definitely happen.
  4. You guys are arguing with the wrong person. Ace is the same guy who left MK to join Echelon DURING NoCB. He complete understands the concept of "I not agree with this war"
  5. 100% of 80k NS and above nations leaving peace mode equals 4 nations still in peace mode? I think Pacifica would prefer your version of it actually.
  6. The only reps that are even that bad are the Legion and Pacifica reps. And those are because, SURPRISE SURPRISE, they have a ton of nations in peace mode. I wouldn't cry myself to sleep tonight at having to pay 100 mil in reps. Or even 400 mil for that matter.
  7. The amount Avalon is required to pay is absolutely despicable. Doomhouse should be ashamed for that specific extortion attempt.
  8. I agree with it all except Kentucky over OSU
  9. If you would have known your place and acted accordingly in front of your King, you wouldn't have felt like you were under constant threat of being rolled. King is stern. Stern, but fair.
  10. Seriously, a sense of humor just isn't one of your things, is it?
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