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  1. finally a message from noted mk founder nero "Hi this is Nero, I made polls for MK for over a year and coined the term "pollmaster". I barely played the actual game of CN. I think I won." 'I didn't even buy improvements'
  2. tbh my original statement was the best statement and my statement is this: [spoiler][/spoiler] rip mk
  3. bros asked me to write a statement given my status as the one other founder of the Mushroom Kingdom still active today, but I'm really not sure what to say. For a start, I suppose I'm not sad about this disbandment, I'm proud. Ultimately, I believe that MK has been the best alliance in the game for a long, long time and it pleases me to see that, rather than let that tradition slip, we all know that the time is right to move on. Certainly, I'm a little wistful - discussion of our imminent disbandment has brought back old friends and memories - but just because the alliance may be gone, doesn'
  4. Names are irrelevant. It's the people that matter. Doom House culture is engrained in them, just look at their name.
  5. like all good bad cn ideas, it was better when i did it in my version, the draft was kept secret, so the 'best' alliance was decided via poll keep it simple otherwise you'll kill it before it even starts
  6. [quote name='Rampage3' timestamp='1358605552' post='3079908'] This could not be more mistaken. The acts of Umbrella are clearly acts of war and Ai's allies are clearly defending them. Your tight spot is a personal problem that you can lay at the feet of Umbrella for placing you in or your own FA for not being more clear in terms of direction. Unless you are implying that Brehon should fail to honor his obligations to his treaty partner. Something that you KNEW from past conflicts he would not do. NPO is defending Ai. [/quote] now please tell me has this argument ever actually worked
  7. i can confirm archon has always been nothing without those behind him it was trace and i who kept mk afloat in those early days before roq took over i can prove it with logs
  8. [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1329218918' post='2920162'] Unrestricted RW FTP level access means that one reads/writes the files, pretty much doing and accessing anything and everything. This doesn't mean that bros did or didn't spy, just that the "he couldn't have done it with FTP access" defence is flat out stupid.[/quote] it depends on the setup, I would assume. One could have an FTP account without having unrestricted FTP access. for example, using the shared hosting that the MK (and LUEnited Nations) boards used to be hosted on, the databases couldn't be accessed from an FTP accoun
  9. anybody who's anybody joined cn first and then joined batracer
  10. Today? Today is [b]judgement day[/b]. The third place playoff and the grand final are taking place tonight at the same time as usual (2:30AM UK time, 9:30PM Eastern) but I'm not going to be there. Instead, I'll be leaving you in the capable hands of AirMe. I've taught him all there is to know about copying and pasting links to youtube so everything should be just fine.
  11. Matchday three! [b]Atletico Moralista vs Disparate Elements United[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-yrsmLSRfg [b]team one vs Dog River River Dogs[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-dvxvrn1Qc
  12. Matchday two has been uploaded! [b]team one vs Atletico Moralista[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJVRUDDRsfk [b]Disparate Elements United vs Dog River River Dogs[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNDK6FpOhXU
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