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The Poll to End All Saved Stats Poll


Saved Stats  

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You all sure as hell better read the body of this poll, because if you don't your vote won't count.

Here's the rules of this thread:

1) One vote/post per person.

2) Only CNRPers may vote.

3) Once you vote, you MUST post your vote in this thread or it won't be counted. This is not a private ballot, and do not even try to argue why it should be. This is a HAND RECOUNT. Also I request if you null vote you post saying so. It makes it easier to keep track.

4) There will be no vote changing. At all. Think long and hard about this.

5) There will be no discussion in this thread. We will keep making polls until we get it right. I have my entire life ahead of me and do things to entertain myself beyond CyberNations RP. I will not get bored of making polls.

6) This poll will end 5 days after the time it was posted. That means this poll runs -5 GMT and ends next Wednesday.

7) No whining.

8) Once the rule is changed or not changed, it cannot be brought up again for another month.

9) Yes, yes I can do this. Telling me I can't will only inflate my ego.

Let's end this for a month.

Hawk Edit: Just a note, the GMs are the only determiners of the outcome of this poll. I don't want to see people declaring the victory or defeat of the poll before we make a ruling.

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