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A Missive from Karma


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Citizens of Planet Bob,

I come before you once again, and it is with great sorrow that I stand before a world embroiled in war. As you know, earlier today The Order of Righteous Nations withdrew from this calamity. We recognize that, and thank them for it. However, our joy was short lived, as we then had to deal with the New Pacific Order.

Many did not want the NPO to ever receive terms, but as we ultimately strove for peace, we felt it necessary to give them a chance. They stalled throughout the evening, and it took well over an hour from first contact for the talks to even begin. Once they did, it was clear the NPO woould not be able to accept anything due to their own pride. I will not touch on the details of things, as the NPO has dumped the logs and saved us the trouble. There are a few brief remarks, though, that I do wish to make:

I wish first to clarify the claim that Karma walked out in mid negotiation. That is a clear falsehood, as is born out from the logs. The negotiations should have been terminated far earlier than they were, but out of a desire for peace we gave them a second chance. When it became clear that they were doing nothing more than stalling while allowing their nations to slip into peace mode, it became clear to us they were once again negotiating in poor faith. This was proven by their inability to accept or reject the terms with any semblance of alacrity. As such, we were forced to terminate the talks as it was clear they had only one thing in mind - belligerence. Well, that and a hellacious fear of Karma's wrath.

Regarding the one minute comment - If you will observe the logs, you will note that despite the strict time limit (which was imposed once their underhanded tactics were exposed) we actually gave them far more than a minute to respond. They continued to play coy with us, and Cortath of the NPO even just laughed when confronted about their stall tactics. I wished they would not defame us so, but so be it.

We will not sink into a smear war with them. Their sins are long, and they are known to us all. We will fight this war with no joy, and we will fight it with honor and dignity. We will not impose draconian terms, but we will not tolerate such underhanded tactics being employed against us. Our haste was unbecoming, and it was shameful, but our hand was forced. I hope that the population of Planet Bob will understand this, and forgive us our malfeasance.

If you have concerns regarding this matter, please contact me and I will confer with Karma and address them with the utmost urgency.

Thank you.

On behalf of Karma,


P.S. - At this time we are not prepared to respond to the massive wave of cancellations. This was authored prior to that development.

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