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  1. Goldielocks, doing something terrible? Who would have thought?
  2. You're a good guy, Random. I just wish you had been around a little more often in your time as Emperor, as I feel Polaris would have prospered far more with you in a more active role.
  3. It's really unfortunate that all of the damage done by Ramirus was never really fixed. I enjoyed my time with you folks back when you were still on Green, it's sad to see you in the state you are now.
  4. A terrible loss for his family, FAN, and the community at large. Jack has been one of the more public faces of FAN for some time, and I've always enjoyed talking to him on IRC and elsewhere. He will be missed. RIP
  5. [quote name='Elrich von Richt' timestamp='1354517412' post='3059905'] Wait, what? What delusions are these? [/quote] Had you mixed up with that other guy, Evangeline. Easy thing to be confused about, given your personalities.
  6. [quote name='Elrich von Richt' timestamp='1354507965' post='3059826'] Coming from somebody in a worse alliance, I find this laughable. [/quote] You have Hereno, Kenfolk, and yourself (someone who swore they would never in their life join one of the two alliances that merged to make this one, as it was complete and utter trash, and because the government, which is largely still the government here, were stupid and untrustworthy and other colorful descriptions) in your alliance. There isn't a worse alliance, other than maybe the ponies, than yours.
  7. [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1354331928' post='3058802'] First changing tech raid rules, then buying the tech itself ?..this is not the GOONS we love and hate~! I shall lodge a formal complaint to our overlord Stewie. [/quote] Not GOONS, which might be why.
  8. [quote name='KainIIIC' timestamp='1354167339' post='3057984'] my apologies, I needed my annual lash out on JB. besides, what's a Combine or an NSO thread without excessive flaming? [/quote] No year can go by without it, honestly. Perhaps you should not wait so long to do it next year?
  9. [quote name='Amossio' timestamp='1353608426' post='3056292'] you and lolman or whatever his name is should get along very well, best of luck old chap, sounds as if you will need lots of it!!!!!!!!!!!! [/quote] You know, with the way he has been posting, I honestly thought they were the same people. I was wondering why he changed from one alliance to another...
  10. [quote name='KainIIIC' timestamp='1354165520' post='3057971'] and the second time? [/quote] I won't even pretend to remember every alliance I've been in over the last 6 years. Barring a few specific cases that I can think of off the top of my head, I haven't left alliances without a good reason. I'll catch you elsewhere so you can maybe help me to recollect the second time.
  11. [quote name='KainIIIC' timestamp='1354164001' post='3057963'] don't forget us spending months of fighting the only GGA rogue that had a billion+ warchest, only for him to leave a week after it ends. And I don't even want to remember the horrors of JB and Penkala in the same IRC channel >_< [/quote] There were reasons for me leaving. (OOC: They had to do with your Emperor at the time spreading OOC information about me to the rest of the government in the alliance.)
  12. [quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1354160146' post='3057953'] I don't think our econ dept could survive you again anyways [/quote] It was working, but unfortunately I had to leave due to some bad decisions (re: OOC actions) made by one of your former Emperors. I had a lot of fun over there prior to that, haha.
  13. [quote name='Incitatus' timestamp='1354141860' post='3057899'] ^Comes from the guy who changes his mind like a baby changes diapers. Last week JB was one of your least favorite people on Bob. Then again, last month your ideology and outlook on many things was a lot different than what it appears to be now. Well, at least you got a solid member with JB. He's got a lot of great attributes! Had he any friends, I'm sure he'd be a steadfast one. He's witty in his own mind. And, heck, isn't that all that matters? He's excellent at filing complaints, whilst making sure that he's not rubbing it in
  14. [quote name='Master Hakai' timestamp='1353995364' post='3057364'] I wasn't, I just came back to see if there's anything good goin on. I'm doin WELL thanks. looking for buddies to join up with but I'm way too lazy to try MK's academy again lolol. you guys hiring? [/quote] Good to hear. We are indeed, swing by the IRC channel or drop me a PM or something.
  15. [quote name='Master Hakai' timestamp='1353994989' post='3057360'] I'm interested, tell me more. [/quote] I had no idea you were still around. How's it going, Hakai?
  16. [quote name='Caliph' timestamp='1353984476' post='3057304'] Not if I'm here to make sure its done right though [/quote] Yeah, this dude will make sure it is ran into the ground before he even makes it into bed. How's that for fast?
  17. [quote name='Sniper Joe' timestamp='1353983639' post='3057296'] Why are mommy and daddy fighting? [/quote] Go to your room, son. You are supposed to be in bed, not hearing this.
  18. [quote name='Ogaden' timestamp='1353983239' post='3057287'] Brookbank the Alliance Slayer prepares another victim for his harvest. [/quote] I'm just driving my tractor around this field of alliances, harvesting them all. We're going to have a big meal when I'm all done.
  19. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1353983066' post='3057285'] >Bloodfury >"Prototype prides itself a quality over quantity alliance." Yeah, okay. Good luck to the rest of you. [/quote] Isn't Kenfolk in your government/alliance? Also you? Seems like you're not the right person to be making this comment.
  20. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1353982869' post='3057283'] One of your founders is Jonathan Brookbank? I expect great things from Prototype already. [/quote] More brilliance from the great thinker D34th.
  21. Aren't these folks still at war from years ago? Also, resurrecting this alliance is a mistake, if it is real (which I'm currently doubting, given that BloodFury is a known troll). The final acts of the original incarnation are not exactly something to be celebrated.
  22. [quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1350453634' post='3042113'] Sure, now it starts at home. The implication from your rhetoric and those of your IOs (and members too? Not sure I usually ignore those) was that this event would bring order to a chaotic world. How is that not claiming this to be a game changer in any sense? I already know that this never will work in that manner and I know it wasn't designed to. But that is the salesmanship we've been exposed to for 30 days prior to the actual event taking place. Somehow I think simply announcing that you were looking for a sparring partner
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