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  1. To answer the OP, it used to be more than once a year but the nerds grew up and we left the basement.
  2. What got me active back in the day was actually the inactivity within the alliance I joined. Made me want to know more about the game aside from what they posted in the boards. Anyway, good luck to your AA LH. Hope you get into a good war and have those dudes of yours all bloodied and active.
  3. Would have been awesome if I met a player like you back in my noob days.
  4. Confirming that this gives 100%.
  5. I was waiting for some sort of conversation in the Wonders and Improvements thread when I replied to your suggestion, that place would have been the correct platform to air out your concerns/ideas/concepts. Perhaps continue debating there and give your ideas clearer thought without insults or negative vibes. I am actually in favor of a wonder range type thing for small nations you are proposing.
  6. its the same lon & lat for the mine and colony.
  7. sup dude

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    2. Cataduanes


      My immediate family in Luzon are fine, it is my distant family in Cebu and particularly Samar who have been most effected,...we have still been unable to contact anyone in Samar as of yet. One of my aunties in flying into Samar from Canada over the next couple of days to try find out more

    3. han fei zi

      han fei zi

      just an update, we were able to get enough donations to send two food vans the last time round. its just a drop in a bucket but at least some families got to eat.

    4. Cataduanes


      Every bit helps kabayan, sadly many of my relatives in Samar were killed and our ancestral village is gone :(. We sent money to those relatives who have survived on Cebu and Samar.

  8. han fei zi

    Tournament Round 26

    What about Master Spies? :ninja: You can recruit James Bond if you have 2000 technology levels or MacGyver if you simply have a toothpick.
  9. Chillax, leave the political scene for a moment and just build your nation and alliance quietly. You're obviously active enough to organize mass alliance wide tech deals and there are alot of buyers these days.
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