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  1. can you make it louder? after switching to windows 10 something went crazy with my volume control.
  2. To answer the OP, it used to be more than once a year but the nerds grew up and we left the basement.
  3. This DoW is terrible. You should have stuck with comics. Sengoku, have some crayons.
  4. Where's this comics you speak of? How'd you get Auctor to do one?
  5. eXcessium please don't hit North Korea!
  6. Before you decide to become a tech buyer, buy a wonder first. Normally they'd say buy the SM first because its cheap which means you can buy it early and start your wonder clock early but you are pass this point - you are 84 days old. With the doubling of aid I'd guess you can buy an SM at 20-30 days old. Since you are past the earliest point to buy the SM, the next best thing is to skip the SM and go straight for the SSS then buy the SM next. An alternative, if you do not have the cash for either SM or SSS is to buy the FAC and just continue selling tech. Another alternative when you've finally decided to buy tech for yourself is to save enough cash to buy it on your own without having to go through tech deals. Buy 1000 or 2000 tech straight up.
  7. If a nation has cash flow problems yet still buy tech and at a 3M-50T rate then that nation has problems aside from cash. ;)
  8. If a nation has reached the level of buying tech instead of selling then that nation has enough money to have 6M to purchase tech with. Otherwise, said nation should go back to being a seller as he doesn't have enough money to buy tech. :)
  9. Its an inefficient option.
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