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  1. If you're looking to join an 8BR circle change your resources to Oil and Lead then send me a trade request in game, I'll PM you the other nations in the circle.
  2. How tf do u ppl even keep track of replies in this thread anymore there r almost 1400
  3. No thanks for the POW alliance, and good luck getting our people to surrender. I've never said it's your flag, but I do admit they're similar, so what? Yeah we own it now, you can't make us stop using it unless our government decides so. I do admire your fighting skills though, so far every opponent I've faced has dealt me far more damage than I did. But still we outnumber you, I've only been fighting one war at a time while you have a lot simultaneously. General Kanabis, when Banned attacked me he had wayy more tech than me and I was in aNiMaLz, with no one else to have my back. Good luck to all parties in this war and may the best win.
  4. Yeah I'm below 20 mil now, I was irresponsible with my cash and have no war chest I'm not gonna lie wow that's so interesting you guys had to post about it idk how many times. The message about leaving FTW was a poor attempt at stalling your attacks since I was really busy and didn't have the time or the means to counter. Now onto your flag. I never admitted that we stole it, and you don't own the rights to the yin yang symbol. But yeah they're similar. Even if we did, what are you gonna do about it? Destroy our pixels? Aw I'm scared please don't nuke me. Look seriously you're fighting a losing war, we vastly outnumber you and are a lot stronger. I don't see you talking about other FTW members's warchests except mine and that's only cuz I've made some bad decisions, don't try to pass off the whole alliance as having no WC.
  5. all your base are belong to us

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