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  1. I agree. I'll purchase Disaster Relief Agency. Thanks for your enlightenment! Buying infrastructure without reducing tax:bill ratio, it isn't worth too. Am I right?
  2. These are the wonders in my consideration: Disaster Relief Agency Great University Internet Interstate System National Research Lab Stock Market Disaster Relief Agency It's an essential wonder in the TE. In this SE, it can also be good because it opens 1 extra foreign aid slot, and my nation size is mini, so I depend on tech deals to fund my nation. In peace time, increasing population is also something good. Basically, this wonder is good both for war time and peace time. Great University and National Research Lab I'm a tech seller. These 2 wonders will indirectly benefit me a lot,
  3. These references suggest me that it is belong to the administrator: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127883-when-is-enough-enough-for-you-admin/ http://www.cybernations.net/video.asp If yes, so why are everyone attacking the administrator? Does he deserve to be attacked?
  4. I can confirm it's down, for the whole day. http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/cybernations.net My last visit sees no reminder for maintenance...
  5. Please give me their full names instead of acronyms because I don't know. Can you elaborate? Can you elaborate? All alliances are new to me, so I can't recognise their acronyms. And please reason. Reasons? What is OWF?
  6. I'm a new player, I try to catch up with the happenings in CyberNations as much as I could but fail because of generation difference. What I mean is, I joined the game later, and participated in the forum even later. Even if I read through the threads, I'll automatically lost my interest because I don't understand too many things. I don't know the root stories at all. And as this forum is too big and dynamic, it's even harder to catch-up. I did try reading the Wikia, but I feel like being brainwashed because they're all exaggerated. And it'd be unfair for low advanced tech alliances. And
  7. But everyone will naturally defend... If he/she don't rebuy troops, I've another problem: victory chance too high
  8. Although I'm still new to this game, but I'm gaining experience through the Tournament Edition and now I feel like I'm an expert. :P In CyberNations, I did attack a nation by the order of my superior. The nation was within my strength, although I won, but I've losses. Same goes to the guy. In Tournament Edition, I tried to raid. Although I win the battles, but the spending for the battles are more than the loots, making me to have losses. Sometimes, I don't even have loots even though I win. None of my war experience is profitable at all.
  9. Can't join the competition because I had no time.
  10. It's a system of the Pacific Financial. https://cn.npowned.net/forum/Orion/ It has all latest information of my nation.
  11. I see Orion manage to get it but I can't find a document about API from CN.
  12. Couldn't think of anything else to say than rephrasing it for the description.
  13. The question in the thread title or in the thread description?
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