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  1. I'm back but under a new name.

  2. Well i don`t plan to reroll for a few months so you will probably forget about me.
  3. I like that idea you sent me. If you can figure out who i am If i reroll, i would be more then happy to join.
  4. Quotes From Winner: "I`m Not mad, i`m me" "They say they disagree with me, yet they oppose with no true opinion" "You got to be BLEEPIN BLEEPIN Kidding me right"?

  5. Look, i love it on CN. Honestly. But i look at what i have done here and have decided to leave the game. Many of my ideas were infact accepted, yet never implemented because people never saw me as the true visionary i truly was. Many of my ideas where called "Communist" one day and the next they where called "Fascist" despite being the same idea. But there where good times, such as founding the still existing International Armed Forces Group, which ericcarlson, you will get a bigtime parting gift so watch your Foriegn Aid. And as i made my final move just minutes ago, i succesfully came to an Agreement to merge the Social Democratic Union with the Global Protection Force. Yes it did happen and i told you it would. You should see a announcement fromt he GPF soon. But the best expierence was by far debating the stupid, communistic idiots of the boiler room. Don`t take offence to that, without communists we...... Well i don`t have a line there so SHABLOOGA! I have messaged all my members about me leaving. I have no plans to reroll but may consider it in a few months. I will remain a nation for the rest of the day until tommorow. Goodbye Cybernations, your ways will always be with me. I am awesome. CORRECTION: Was
  6. What about a incentive for you if you recruit on your offsite blog or website. It makes sense to do, i mean "Free" Advertising is great, all you got to do is send some fake money to someone. no rawr
  7. Winner12345

    The Zombie Rises

    I blame the lamestream for a lot: Obama Winnig Romney Losing Homeless People Recession Depression Faking the Moon Landing (JOKE) And Obamacare getting passed
  8. Winner12345

    The Zombie Rises

    No, At that time the sun was highly active and aligning witht he center of the Galaxy caused a gravitational pull or some sort of reaction to it.
  9. First off, don`t give them any religion books, that`s what causes 75% of our wars. But i would give them: Chariots of the Gods, By Erich Von Daniken Webster`s Newset Dictionary with all references to relgion wiped out The Transcripts to the Anarchist Cookbook (Very Useful in a Post apocalyptic World) Auto Mechanics Fundamentals by Goodheart-Wilcox And A Phonebook, one day we will have phones again and if reincarnation is real, i want my number back
  10. Winner12345

    The Zombie Rises

    No, that is not what this means(Althoguh Gangnam Stykle is awesome). Within a Few Weeks, 26 days to be exact, the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Sun and the Earth will align in a perfext line for the first time in 65 Million years. On Dec. 21, 2012 is the date this will happen. Last time it happened the Dinosaurs went extinct and we went into a Ice Age. But now a new theory has arisen as to why the Dinosaurs where Killed and it makes a lot of sense. OK the Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago when the Sun, the center of the Milky way galaxy and the Earth Perfectly aligned. he Theory is that instead of the Meteor being what killed the DInosaurs (Which even if it did come it didn`t wi-pe out the dinosaurs, the ice age did) it was infact a solar flare. It expliancs a lot.. If a solar flare came it would create high levels of Radiation, which would weaken the atmoshphere, eventually causing the Radiation to where off and a ice age to begin. It also explains why dinosaur remains are so highly radiocative.
  11. I actually agree with some communist ideas on a world view just not on a american view.
  12. Is there any chance i can get one of your protectorates in CNRP?

    1. Captain Enema

      Captain Enema

      Sure man, you can have Southern Ireland.

  13. Yes i do. Just some of the Basics are that Communists belive that all land and buisness should be in the hands of the government, while socialism, believes that some land and buisness should be in the governments hand.
  14. No, the Alliance still somewhat identifies with Socialist ideas. Our leader ahppens to be a socialist. We wish to remain in touch with our roots. Politically we are against communism. Historically, we gladly remember it as a part of our history. It is still a useful flag. It represent`s our current socialist ideas (Not mine specifically, i still am a Right Winger) and our leaders ideas as well.
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