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  1. I think you're discounting the impact that Vox had in the past far too much here. Without Vox, the tide likely never would have turned completely against NPO and co. in the past. However, I agree with you fully that too many of the "Vox banner wo/men" are content to sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing to stop the injustice of the present, reveling in the glory of their past work and believing (incorrectly) that past accomplishments make their lengthy speeches and lack of real action now worth anything at all. Vox was not just flowery speeches in the past, and if that is all they
  2. Part of it was from the time when you were mostly gone, but it has continued since your return, you just have missed it. You're better off not having seen it, to be truthful, much of it is pretty atrocious human behavior.
  3. What? Where in anything that I said there did I put anything into a good guys/bad guys model or try to force it into the old framework? The OOC attacks are being perpetrated by both "sides." And, for what it's worth, just because most people are "bad guys," doesn't mean there aren't any "good guys" left.
  4. I'm going to read through the rest of this, but as this was at the very end as I scrolled down, I'll respond to it first. This is absurd. This is one point that I have strongly disagreed with many of my former comrades on. The OOC attacks being perpetrated today (with absolutely no community backlash, I might add) are as bad, if not worse, than the crimes of the old hegemony.
  5. [quote name='Seerow' timestamp='1340686668' post='2996772'] The same way it's possible that NPO totaled my car back in '07. (that is to say it isn't) [/quote] I distinctly remember someone (thought it was you, actually) who swore up and down that NPO actually did this. As far as the content of the OP, I'm pretty sure most of that is common knowledge stuff and, unless names were changed for ID purposes, there is no way that is copied from their forums. MK has literally never had everyone in the alliance using their actual name at the same time.
  6. Vox was an enjoyable time. I've never been in any other group of people here that was so willing to put everything on the line for what they believed in. I made a lot of art for it.
  7. As someone who is former government, I would love to be in an alliance like this. I've been searching for it since I retired back in 2010.
  8. [quote name='Partisan' timestamp='1305727139' post='2714309'] JB. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop spouting half-true stories to prove a point. We did indeed sentence Dacian to a single ZI for betrayal of Exodus. In the middle of a diplomatic crisis, he - a government member who was privy to sensitive info - left our AA without notification. That in itself already is in violation of the following article of our charter: On top of that he did it to join SUN, an alliance in direct opposition of us at the time and proceeded to aid them. That is betrayal in our eyes and to be frank, both SUN a
  9. [quote name='HellAngel' timestamp='1305725942' post='2714301'] Well, then the answer is easy If i turned into a Ramirus i would want my members to coup me. [/quote] This is a position I can respect, so long as this is what actually happens if the time ever comes.
  10. Okay, pretend that I had "in the same circumstances, where the former members thought that the legitimate government was out of control and killing the alliance." There, now it's the same, no simplification.
  11. [quote name='Lukapaka' timestamp='1305705201' post='2714239'] When their announcement went up, I saw an alliance reform with new leadership under the nose of the man who brought this great alliance down. I remember years ago understanding the prestige factor that came with being a Grämlin. Impressive nation building magnified by their incredible power on the battle field. To see them return is, at the very least, an encouraging event in a discouraging world. I've seen coups fail, and I was not willing to stand by idly and allow HellAngel's topic to be disregarded. The fact that two of my bloc
  12. [quote name='HellAngel' timestamp='1305723967' post='2714290'] maybe we can sum that up to GGA vs its own sphere [/quote] This would actually be more appropriate if it said "Bilrow/ALdbeign vs their own sphere" given that the rest of GGA didn't have any major issues with the rest of the sphere. Of course, we made the mistake of following along during the Emerald Affairs, but most of us atoned for that at some point by taking part in the attempted rebuilding of the sphere. Also, I still don't understand where you see GGA vs. Grämlins. Did they come after you post-2008? During my time
  13. [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1305720770' post='2714285'] Sad day in the commune, but I agree with Jonathan Brookbank [/quote] It is not the first time it has happened, Pansy. Also, as a note, I would like to point the world in the direction of a ruler Dacian of the nation ISMFOF. This gentleman (or lady, I'm not really sure) left the alliance Exodus to join the alliance SUN, much like El Barto (the nation referred to in the original post by the leader of SUN) left SUN to join Exodus. The alliance Exodus then began hunting Dacian, much like SUN went after El Barto. Exodus orig
  14. [quote name='Partisan' timestamp='1305714756' post='2714266'] So...Exodus went after DirtyOldMan after he left the GGA to join your little failfest? Dang. We're worse than I thought. [/quote] No, ironchef did when she was leading GGA. And, yes, The Dominion was a failure...that's why it was bigger on day one than Exodus is on day 216. You're better than this, Partisan, really. [quote name='ironchef' timestamp='1305714771' post='2714267'] Well if anything I’m consistent JB. Two things we have in common because you are still an ass. Don’t even change. [/quote] Not the fir
  15. PZI was out of line, but these reps are way too high given the circumstances.
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