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ex-First Graders


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in after Mogar cursing you all for saying Posting this will get me warned.


I was in Mrs. Matthew's class in first grade. She was mean, I got punished for telling someone else to stop getting me in trouble. D:

I had her in fourth grade later. I stole candy from her. )):

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Ms. Kieke presenting!

Sept 1997 - June 1998.

We showed the Rugrats Passover video to my class... that was an interesting experience watching 5 years old eat dry bread. Then of course I got an award for tying my shoes!

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Basic School of Charneca, Portugal, 1996-1997 (don't know teacher's name). Learned some math stuff, and the first portuguese grammar lessons.

Learned to talk english too by then... But I didn't know what dinossaurs were yet :|

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