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  1. As Onion said in the post that you linked, he was inactive for 2-3 years. His last bill payment is shown as last paid 170 days ago. That means when he went inactive he was already 170 days behind on his bills and upon his return, the game auto adjusted his last payment date to put him right back to 170 days behind. If the game didn't adjust then he'd be 1095 days (if he was away for 3 years) + 170 days that he was already behind = 1265 days behind.
  2. It's fixed for me. Anyone else still having issues?
  3. Starting the next round a little sooner than usual. Round 57 will begin tomorrow around mid-morning.
  4. Thanks for checking and confirming.
  5. I checked the game archives, looking back 3 weeks, and don't see where you had them. Your nation strength trend chart also does not indicate an overnight loss of nukes looking back 4 weeks.
  6. On what day did they disappear?
  7. Timing issue, when you attempted to send on Friday Jerel had 6/6 slots allocated. He no longer had 7 slots due to the expired proposal.
  8. Round 56 has started. Same rules as last round.
  9. Round 56 will begin on Friday 1/29 around mid-morning.
  10. PM me here on the forums.
  11. The resource calculator tool has been discontinued.
  12. Please try logging in again. There was a date issue with the new year that has now been corrected.
  13. Lots of possible effects. My guess is global radiation dropping.
  14. Your citizen income is currently $600.51. I added 2 Guerilla camps to your nation and your citizen income reduced to $504.43. Are you sure that you didn't see $504 as $604?
  15. The +/- 250 nations within your strength is included.
  16. Looks like the game sent duplicate messages but did not process the second defeat alert against the other nation. Checking into the duplicate message issue.
  17. The second nuclear attack message was not system generated. Todor Jivkov has been warned for sending fake messages.
  18. 24 hour alert, round 55 starts tomorrow morning.
  19. The issue has been corrected, give it another try now.
  20. You only have "HI" in your bio for FFFFKER. As the error message says, you need to enter at least 3 characters. Brukushun has been deleted.
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