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Pretty self-explanatory.

Internal garbage aside, Nordreich was good times. The endless (well, it ended...) back-and-forth with the commies was great fun. So where'd everyone scatter off to?

ps: hi Sitethief

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Wait, it was the Saint Patties Day Massacre friend. I know, it happened the week after I joined Cybernations.

Also, I regret to say I never joined NoR or NoV.

2 different Massacres dude.

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I actually don't speak germanese. I just had a flight connect in Frankfurt once and I think that qualifies me to fake it.

always thought it was just German not germanese? anyways, never NoR nor (yes that was intended) NoV but knew a few in both.

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If by outlasted you mean got pounded, reformed, got pounded again, reformed, then finally managed to beat, then yes. You outlasted them good and proper. ^_^

Hey, we're still around as a community and an ideological entity. You're not. That said, the cold war was pretty fun.

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