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/A\nother /A\lliance Announcement

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/A\nother /A\lliance hereby declares its support for Lionse, a nation of the New Sith Order that has come under the assault of Stormhawks, a nation of the Dark Fist Academy. This atrocious act is one that we can not stand for and wish Lionse well in this war against someone with no valid CB to their name.


Triumvir of Serious Business

High Priest of Walford

Future Holder of More Titles than Electron Sponge

Obligatory Electron Sponge Reference, part dos

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Oh lawdy lawdy how must i be so cruel to not give a !@#$ about someone in anarchy being attacked from someone in an Academy. The world must surely be coming to an end.

It takes only the slightest gesture to bring about the Apocalypse.

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[13:20] <+BringMeTheHorizon> ...Stormsend that thread is a cry for attention you should feel ashamed of your self :P

[13:21] <&Stormsend> That thread is a cry for sanity. Nod should be ashamed of themselves.

[13:21] <&Stormsend> I'm a social critic. Those threads are what I do.

[13:21] <+BringMeTheHorizon> BUt really its own thread, even if uber did it id make fun of him :P

[13:22] <+BringMeTheHorizon> AA tryign to hard XD

[13:22] <&Stormsend> Continue making fun. I will continue to counter.

Such a cry for attention i am ashamed.

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