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  1. i remember floppy disks and walkmans
  2. you got what you deserved. deal with it. just cuz you made the forums doenst make you immune to the consequences of your actions
  3. Newhotness

    Today's Funny

    hahahahaha. nice. i should do that if im ever unlucky enough to get old. but i doubt ill live a full life
  4. whether we keep it or not, people are gonna !@#$%*. so the way i see it, it doesnt really matter one way or the other
  5. my vote pulls iFOK closer to tying this
  6. ha, i like your take on the issue.
  7. can't. stop.... looking. at. your.... avatar.................

  8. i think you need a new title for this blog. Even if you think we were defeated, if we say we werent, then you cant say "Poison Clan Admits Defeat" because that statement is false
  9. This. And even a third party looking in that has both sides of the story will still have a trace of bias because of the alliances they have been in and who they have been allied to in the past, and in the present. So i dont think there is a "truth", in the way i think you mean it to be, because no one is gonna be dead in the middle of the two opposing groups. Edit: "you" being the OP
  10. apparently TOP and dem's DoW was a joke and you guys arent actually fighting a war. just pretending you are
  11. i dont understand why people feel sorry for the aggressors in this conflict.
  12. i wonder how many of these blogs we will see before the war is over. i swear this is like the 3rd one ive seen so far. but i havent really been looking Also, your whole, it doesnt count because it was a long time ago, argument is pretty sad. things dont work like that.
  13. Newhotness

    3 CN Mindsets

    based on a the posts ive seen, the second and third group are pretty much the same. the "intellectuals" are usually in the "honhurr" group. but as you said, its their own form of honor. so the may hate each other and think they are opposite in the way they think but its pretty much all the same. I guess i would fall into the neo-moldavist. like it or not, "might makes right" is how CN is run and has been run. Even tho the Neo-Moldavists are also Pseudo Intellectuals in the end, they still believe might makes right. its just how they present it. So i guess i say all that to say, all you really have is Neo-Moldavists and The Honhurr Club. there are just varying degrees of each Kinda Disclaimer: sorry if i reapeated myself. didnt really read over what i wrote, just typed as the thought popped in my head
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