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Ragnarok cancellation announcement

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Ragnarok Announcement

Ragnarok has endured many changes over the last year of our existence. As the leadership of Ragnarok has changed, so have the relationships with our allies. At the time this treaty was signed our alliances shared a common vision; but that vision has become blured by a lack of communication and a difference of opinion in our respective foreign affairs directions. The leadership of Ragnarok does not believe that our relationship with the New Pacific Order warrants an MDoAP treaty on our books. This thread is meant to officially announce the cancellation of the "Tin Foil Hat Treaty".

Notification was given in private and the 72 hour cancellation period has since expired. We wish the NPO the best of luck as we go our separate ways and remind our members to be civil in this thread. Grab your tin foil!

The Ragnarok Triumvirate,

Gen. Lee


Alfred von Tirpitz

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We know that ending a relationship can be difficult and hope that communication and friendships that have been formed can continue on even without this treaty in place.

I wish both alliances continued success.



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