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Guess who's back?


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IngSoc is BACK

LOSS - IngSoc Protectorate


Preamble: Intent

To harbour the secure growth and expansion of IngSoc while creating new bonds of brotherhood, the League of Small Superpowers (LoSS) extends its protection and friendship. In the spirit of camaraderie and amity, the unwritten tenets of courtesy and respect will always be adhered to with unwavering faithfulness -- in this way, we shall honour one another and grow together.

It is under these ideals that the League of Small Superpowers and IngSoc enter into the following agreement:

Article One: Sovereignty and Governments

A. Both signatories acknowledge and respect the sovereignty of the other; this treaty will not diminish or infringe upon that sovereignty. The purpose of this treaty is to foster and preserve IngSoc; invading its governance will not achieve these ends.

B. No acts of IngSoc shall require the approval of their protector, LoSS, save those treaties and accords guaranteeing mutual military defence or aggression. All other internal and diplomatic decisions of IngSoc may be enacted with impunity from LoSS scrutiny.

Article Two: Military

A. Recognising that the first line of defence in Planet Bob ought to always be temperate diplomatic relations, LoSS will provide IngSoc with any diplomatic assistance required in securing peace for the protectorate.

B. As IngSoc now enter the complete and enduring military protection of LoSS, any attack on protectorate is now an attack on the protector, entitled to the same status as a direct attack on the protector.

C. If either signatory should fall victim to aggressive actions from a third party, the countersigned is bound to act in its defence by every available means.

D. If either signatory should commit aggressive actions against a third party, the countersigned is encouraged to support its aggression by every available means. IngSoc are strongly discouraged from entering into an aggressive war while under protection.

Article Three: Economic and Financial

A. IngSoc may request financial support from LoSS outside of military need in the interest of building economic independence and self-sufficiency.

B. All aid requests will be reviewed by LoSS government and responded to within 48 hours of their receipt. Requests may be denied without justification, but all must receive due consideration.

Article Four: Severance

Either alliance may cancel this treaty without justification. Cancellation of this treaty shall require 96 hours notice. Excepting such cancellations, this treaty shall continue unto perpetuity, until such a time as the signatories agree it has fulfilled its purpose and mutually dissolve it.

Signed for the League of Small Superpowers:

Jaaku, Princeps

PHD, Consul

Drugsup, Consul

Lord Slade, Consul

dwthegreat, Prefect of Foreign Affairs

Signed for IngSoc:

New Reverie, Regent

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It is good to be back in this world and it is even better to have old friends that can be depended on in a time of need. LoSS, one of the oldest alliances in the game is full of such friends. Neither I nor IngSoc can express fully the gratitude and respect we have for LoSS as an alliance in this world. But I can try...

Thank you LoSS for giving me and this alliance a second chance.

Thats right folks, I've returned and so will IngSoc. IngSoc has indeed fallen on some hard times but efforts are being made within all ministries to correct short comings. Expect announcements in the coming days and weeks as well as a steady increase in membership. IngSoc will actually be celebrating its 1 year anniversary this April and we intend to do so as an alliance on the right path. We expect great things from our members that made it through these dark times as well as our new members to come.

GloryVic LoSS

GloryVic IngSoc

GloryVic Big Brother

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New Reverie is the guy who got me to join LoSS over two years ago.

I am excited to see us support his (relatively) new alliance.

Also, I think IngSoc has been constant, but it is New Reverie who has recently returned.

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Greetings Everyone!

For the record, IngSoc indeed has experienced hard times which caused it's decline in strength as evidenced by the dissolution of the MK - IngSoc Protectorate Agreement. Though IngSoc found itself defenseless with no protector to ensure IngSoc's security in Planet Bob, it has continued it's existence since it's formal declaration of existence though it has lost a significant number of members who were forced to migrate to more "secured" alliances. For several months, IngSoc tried it's best to defend itself from tech raids and random attacks. During these months it revealed the true strength of it's members...the strength of faithful loyalty to Big Brother and the Inner Party.

I, Emperor Spherilion, wish to express its gratitude over LoSS's decision to protect IngSoc.

This would not be possible without the "miraculous" comeback of New Reverie from RL.

Without NR's efforts together with the remaining IngSoc members who tried their best to restore IngSoc back to it's glorious state, IngSoc might continue treading the path towards it's total demise.

Rest assured that the current IngSoc government would do it's very best not to waste the trust, effort and the chance LoSS have given to IngSoc.

To the LoSS Leaders...

To New Reverie...

And to the remaining IngSoc Members...

My high respect and gratitudes to you!!!

Thank You Very Much!!!

GloryVic LoSS!

GloryVic IngSoc!


Emperor Spherilion

Big Brother

Edited by Spherilion
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