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  1. Ferrous

    My Own Beer Review

    I don't understand why everyone likes Flying Dog. It's kinda gross, IMO. Nice reviews, ol' chum.
  2. Ferrous

    OOC: What is Judaism to me?

    Rock on, Mia.
  3. Ferrous

    Zenith Rising

    Hail Zenith! I miss you guys.
  4. Ferrous

    State of the Alliance

    Skippy. In charge of people. For Admin's sake, run for cover!
  5. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    Actually, I'm not trying to paint him as a hypocrite. I'm trying to paint him as trying to engage in an idea that is half-baked at best. The problem with him not getting into specifics is that it gives him some leeway in interpretation - which can easily lead to hypocrisy - so people really like to see what he considers "bad" and what he considers "good" - specifics. Much more specific than the general categories that he presented in the OP. His original post states that he will declare war on alliances that commit one of the following: "[illegal] intervention," "hypocrisy," and "opportunism." He gives brief definitions, which as you can see, are highly circumstantial. In the end, while hypocrisy is fairly straightforward, intervention and opportunism are highly subjective. Therefore, it is necessary that Jack either be more specific about his own laws so he can't "pick and choose" which ones to enforce, or revoke some of the ideals altogether. I happen to be a person who thinks that treaties and charters should at least to their letter, in order to prevent miscommunication and misinterpretation. In this case, since Jack's OP downrides intervention of any kind, then yes, I do believe he should declare war on every single alliance that has an active treaty. That's what it says. If Jack disagrees, then he can either get more specific, or get rid of them.
  6. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    I knew that my point would fall on deaf ears. There are two forms of intervention, proactive and passive. Most people understand the proactive or reactionary kind of intervention. After someone has done something wrong (according to a party), that party then commences on whatever action they feel is appropriate to intervene. In this case, Jack does not like it when proactive intervention occurs when there is no legal basis for the action. It is the second kind of intervention that is often ignored. By Athens declaring that they will declare on anyone who tech raids Jack, they are essentially putting walls around what other people can and cannot do. Granted, it's a very small wall, but the principle still holds. Since this is essentially a preventive measure, it's intervention that happens before the actual act. As I said, I have no qualms with Athens' protection of Jack, but if Jack is to uphold his values (or else prove himself a hypocrite), he'd either have to declare war on Athens or amend his own values.
  7. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    It is how most alliances act. However, it's also an imposition to an alliance about what they can and cannot do. Mind you, it's a stance that I completely agree with, but since it's inherently a form of passive moral interventionism (you can't raid my friends because I will hurt you because I value my friends), it also means that if I tech raid Jack, and Athens declares war on me, then Jack has to declare war on Athens.
  8. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    So... Tech raiding is fine, as long as you don't tech raid Athens or any of Athens' friends?
  9. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    Heh, I'm well aware of the limitations of my nation. I was only speaking hypothetically. So do you guys have something against common tech raids then?
  10. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    So where do you draw the line? If I post a proclamation of my attack, and my CB is "I want Jack's Tech", would Athens interfere?
  11. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    It's called fighting fire with mediocrity.
  12. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    So I can declare war on him for a political reason, however justified or unjustified it may be and Athens will not interfere, but if I just want to do a few attacks to garner a bit of tech, Athens will raise hell?
  13. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    Irony of ironies. Vladimir beat you to the punch two and a half years ago. NOTE: I did the formatting myself. Everything else is the same.
  14. Ferrous

    The end of false morality

    Dear Jack: You are so full of yourself it is beyond amusement. Love, Ferrous
  15. I love well-organized charters. Way to go. 5 star rating from me.