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CNRP List of RP Nation Names

New Frontier

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Please post here if you play CNRP with your RP Nation Name, so we can get a resource for new people like me who have no idea which RP Nations belong to which CNers.

Alvonia - N. Reeki

Amerikanisches Reich - Otto Verteidiger

Andonia - freakwars

Arctica - Vedran

Atlantian Federation - Arkantos

Byzantium - JEDCJT

Cainette-Marquis Chris 1

Dragonisia - Maelstrom Vortex

Dranagg - Tahsir Re

The Dilberian Empire - Dilber

Empire of the Netherlands - Mergerberger II

Empire of Timor - Biohazard

Federacion Iberiana - spaero2011

Gadget Technologies Industries - Jerrey Rough

Gebiv - Gebiv

Glorious Aotearoa - LeVentNoir

Great Lakes State (GLS)-HHAYD

Hanseatic Republic-Sarah Tintagyl

Imperial Union of Sovereign Pacifist South American Regions aka The Imperial Union - Centurius

The Imperium - Iamthey

Imperium of America - Shadowsage

IndoChina - Comrade Nikonov

J Andres - J Andres

Jutopia Land - Jutopia

Neo Japan - Lord Frost

New Cymru - Silhouette

The Neo Olympian Federation - Vasili Markov

New Shillian Empire - MercyFallout

New Taiwanese Empire - Ezequiel

Norsvea - VinceSixx

The Northern Empire - Mykep

Marscurian Empire - KaiserMelech Mikhail I

People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Greater Saboria -/P.D.S.R. of Greater Saboria - Lynneth

Prince Edward Island - Machiabelly

Procinctia - Generalissimo

Realm of Magenta - New Frontier

Rebel Army - Lavo_2

Solaris - Owned-You

Taeunas - DeSchaine

Tennessee Federation-Yort92

Transvaal - Botha

The Union of Eastern Soviet Republics - Cody Seb

Viniland - V The King

Western Republic - Sargun

West Virgina - Aiden Ford.

Zapatista Union - Commandante Marcos

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