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    Once upon a time there was a land named Diberia.
    Friends were made, rebels vanquished, and it came of age.
    But dark days were coming, and the tides of death rose forth.
    Geniuses plotted, corporations fought, and millions did not die.
    Then the Imperium came forth to cleanse the lands of Diberia.
    But she was brought to her knees, her people forever cursed.
    And so she became a carcass, a shadow of her former self.
    Yet in death she gave life to a new generation...

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  1. So many taxis on whyte. Soooo many taxis.

  2. Torchlight 2 is pretty badass.

  3. Naturally I shall start with short stories. And I would like someone to criticize them. Any takers?

  4. Hah. The Portal 2 soundtrack has 64 songs.

  5. When I get a house I'm making a trench in the front yard. War-style trench. What about you?

  6. Oh IGN, you are so silly. Thinking this is the beginning of the end of FPS games? GTFO

  7. Apparently I have a Unity3d Contact? Hm interesting.

  8. lol. "There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?"-Dick Cavett, mocking the TV violence debate

  9. lol, oh u @Bioware writers. I'm on Ilum and this comes up: "I've got frostbite on my... Somewhere you don't want frostbite."

  10. Whew. Breath in and out. Just had the edmonton job interview and I'm really confident about it! Now for some #swtor !

  11. Ah, Mount and Blade. Raise an army, fight some dudes, get captured, escape, rinse and repeat until you ragequit or reduce the difficulty.

  12. I really wish I could make it to the @Calgaryexpo this weekend :(. Oh well, there's always next year.

  13. "Modern Warfare 3 is the Justin Bieber of gaming." Totally true.

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