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The Murderers Pack



The Children of the Morrighan and Alpha Wolves enter into this Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact in pursuit of our collective peace, security, growth, and defense.


Article I. Sovereignty

Recognizing the importance of self governance and sovereignty, each signatory agrees to respect the internal affairs decisions of one another.


Article II. Non Aggression

The use of military force, espionage, or other forms of hostility between the signatories will not be tolerated.


Article III. Espionage

The Children of the Morrighan and Alpha Wolves agree to share any pertinent information that affects the safety of a partner.


Article IV. Growth

While aid through cash or resources is of no obligation, each signatory is encouraged to assist through any means necessary. This cooperation is also encouraged to provide clear and strong trade routes between each other.


Article V. Defense and Offense

Should an attack be launched on one party of this pact, the other is encouraged, but not obligated, to assist in defense. Likewise, should one party decide to launch an offensive attack, the other has the option of jumping in to the fight.


Article VI. Cancellation If either signatory wishes to withdraw from this treaty, a 72 hour notice is required before any public announcement can be made.



Signed for Children of the Morrighan,


The Morrighan Randalla of HiElands


The Morrigu

Jazzy95 of Krausberg, Badb Catha

BigKif of Kifland, Macha

ConRed of The Crimson Republic, Nemain



Signed for Alpha Wolves,


Malakarlian- Alpha Wolf that is "Winning"

Al Bundy- Beta Wolf / 4 Touchdowns in ONE High-School Football Game!

Ricrast- Delta Wolf / Recruiting King

Stonewall14- Harbinger of Doom/ MoA

Airindale- Military Advisor / Frozen Lord

Remaining Alpha Wolf Council



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4 hours ago, Lord Hitchcock said:

Congrats Alpha Wolves, I think you've managed to officially sign every alliance on Planet Bob

Haha ya everyone but you :(


What can I say, those who uphold their treaties get more treaties....




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